Combating objections in sales: examples

People, workers in sales, not by hearsayknow about difficult clients. Moreover, this kind of buyers makes up most of all consumers in general. They constantly have arguments, objections, with which the manager needs to cope. It's not enough just to offer and competently present the goods, you still need to sell it. This is the whole complexity. The fight against objections is an integral part of the salesman's job, which is challenging and interesting at the same time. You need to be prepared, that the buyer will necessarily ask something, will be dissatisfied with something. An excellent manager from mediocre is distinguished precisely by the struggle with objections, whether he will be able to convince of the need to purchase this or that product.

How to sell correctly?

The main error when dealing with objections -quick and sharp answers. It must be remembered that dialogue with the buyer should be maintained constantly. If the seller is silent, he will not inspire confidence. The fight against objections in sales takes a key place. When a client sees a malevolent reaction, he is frightened.

fight against an objection

In this sense, novice salesmen need to perseverework. The dialogue should proceed smoothly, one should think about every word. After all, an unsuccessfully discarded phrase can break down the "foundation" that you built from the very beginning of the conversation with the client. Experts recommend using certain principles:

  • first you need to carefully listen to all the objections of the client, then sustain a short pause and enter into a dialogue;
  • should specify clarifying questions in order to identify the true cause of discontent;
  • Pay attention to the nuances that do not suit the buyer, and present them in a more favorable light;
  • to assess the truth of the objection;
  • finally, the answers - here the seller must clearly and clearly explain why this product should be purchased right here and now.

Completing tasks

Methods of dealing with objections in sales are prettyvarious. To own them all, you need to constantly engage. Psychologists have developed special tasks, executing which managers improve their salesman skills. The answers will become more profound and convincing if you use this system.

It includes:

  1. "Yes, but ..." reception. For example, a client says that your company has high prices. The manager replies: "Yes, but we provide free shipping and guarantee high quality." Such examples of combating objections can be mass.
  2. Boomerang. This technique is universal, and it can be used in almost any situation. The answers must begin with the phrase "Therefore, I advise you to buy this product".
  3. Comparisons. Here the specifics are important. It is necessary to compare the goods with the same as that provided by the competitor. And prove that your is better or cheaper. The main thing is not to talk with general phrases, but to give real examples.

Basic moments

The fight against customer objections must be based on certain principles. In matters of price, the following rules should be observed:

  • to begin with, you need to win the attention of the client, interest in the service or product, and only in the end call the price;
  • if the buyer asks for a discount, offer a free service;
  • we need to talk about the quality of the product and its positive aspects;
  • if the cost of goods is large, you can offer a purchase on credit with the words: "You can buy this washing machine on credit for only 4 thousand rubles a month";
  • To tell about that the client loses, if refuses purchase.

combating objections in sales

How to change the client's decision?

Methods for dealing with objections are not limited toonly the story of the product. It is necessary to make so that the buyer has changed the decision and bought this goods right now. In order to become an excellent manager of active sales, you need to follow certain rules.

Among them are:

  • knowledge of all the positive qualities of the goods;
  • attentive listening to the client, identifying the problem and its solution;
  • friendly communication;
  • optimistic attitude.

A customer who sees a smiling person in front of himmanager, involuntarily becomes loyal to him. He is ready to listen to him, weigh the arguments and make a positive decision. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not confuse a friendly smile with a smile "fool".

Common mistakes

A high level of struggle against objections in tradeis achieved through trial and error. Using the above techniques, you can achieve some success in this area. However, one should not forget about the typical mistakes that occur most often.

stages of combating objections

The first and most popular is excessive persistence. This affects not only beginners, but also many experienced sales people. Not every client can survive a high level of pressure. In most cases, the buyer closes, and the manager does not make the most positive impression on him.

The second error is the excess or lack of information. It must be felt, communication should be in moderation. Do not need to "talk the teeth" to the client or, conversely, keep silent for five minutes. Everything should be clearly and competently.

The third mistake is the price indication. The purpose of the salesman is to sell the product or service. It should be done so that the buyer purchased the goods without even knowing the prices.

Technique of combating objections. Extraction of the root

There are several techniques for dealing with objectionsclients, some of which we will consider in more detail in this article. The first is the technique of root extraction. Its essence is to identify the reason for the refusal and to fight precisely with it.

methods to combat objections in sales

First, you need to listen carefully to all the argumentshis interlocutor. Even if he says the same thing, it is forbidden to interrupt. This will show your disrespect, and the answers will look like a learned script. Then you need to agree with the buyer, express your understanding. You should always ask clarifying questions, until you know the true reason for the objection. Then give a life story or an example when the same fears were not confirmed.

Partial consent and psychological extension

Asking questions in order to find out the reason, you canuse these methods. The fight against objections in sales involves clarifying the details. Partial consent will allow the interlocutor to see in you a like-minded person. Now he will perceive the manager not as a representative of the company that needs to implement the product, but as an ordinary person. This method proved to be the best in practice. Phrases like "I understand you, too, was in this situation. Then I took a chance, and my life changed for the better "helps to establish contact and establish a trusting relationship.

Psychological extension impliesa compliment. That is, the seller does not agree, he admires the arguments of the buyer, praises him. Thus, the manager has to himself and as if invites a dialogue.


We mentioned a little about this technique, nowLet's talk in more detail. This technique is quite simple, but at the same time very effective. It can be used in any situation. It is necessary to translate all the arguments of the interlocutor to one's own advantage. To do this, you need to practice a little, but the results will not take long.

antipathy technique

Consider a simple example of combating objections insales using boomerang technology. The most common protest: "The goods are very expensive." The manager constructs the answer as follows: "Yes, you are right, but for this price you can get high quality goods, as well as three additional services." You should be interested in the buyer, tell you that even if the goods are slightly more expensive, you can be sure of its quality, and we will also issue free shipping, etc.

To understand all the nuances of sales, it is recommended to read professional literature and train a lot. Sell ​​everything to everyone, and then the result will not take long to wait.

Locking technique

This method is great for dealing withobjections to customers, with whom you worked before. It assumes the structure of judgments and arguments on the basis of the starting point. You should use positive moments of cooperation to persuade the client. For example, "Remember, before all payments were made on time, there was no delay?" Or "You know that our company sells only high quality goods. Remember that laptop that you bought from us six months ago ... ".

This technique makes it possible to create a favorableatmosphere for communication. It can also be used in a negative sense. If you have the information that your competitors have had some problems with the provision of services or something else, you can note this in a conversation with the client. However, you should remember that you can not deceive. If it turns out, the reputation of the company and the manager personally will be greatly spoiled.

Assumption Technique

This method of dealing with objections is similar in itsessence with the method of extracting the root. Here, too, you need to get to the bottom of the truth and find out the real reason for the refusal. In this case, it is necessary to communicate a bit more boldly with a person, suggesting a solution to the problem.

For example, if the customer does not like the highprice, the manager can ask: "Well, if we give a discount, you are ready to start cooperation." If the client answered negatively, it is necessary to find out the real reason further.

methods to combat objections

It must be understood that without this it is impossibleto work qualitatively with the buyer. Some simply object, because they are bored, others really want to find out why such a price. Such clients need to be clearly differentiated. Experienced active sales managers can visually determine whether a customer who is aiming at a purchase has entered or simply wants to pass the time.

The main reasons for the client's failure

Each employee in the sales area should have moreto know about psychology. After passing the stages of the struggle with objections, you can achieve a lot by knowing some "chips". You need to understand your client, make him go away happy and want to come back again. If everything is done correctly, the manager himself will enjoy the work done, and the buyer will remain under positive impression.

There are several main reasons why the customer says "no":

  1. Psychological protection. The average buyer sees a predator in the seller who is ready to go to great lengths to shake off the last money from the client. Therefore, the reflex is turned on, and the person responds negatively.
  2. Bad experience. When buying a product earlier, the customer caught an obsessive seller who is over-pressured. Having communicated with such once, you will not want any more.
  3. Negative feedback. If even a few people say badly about your company, this is enough to reduce your reputation. And in trade, it plays a very important role. In the case of loss of reputation, working with objections becomes many times more difficult.
  4. Fears. The buyer has a lot of them. He is afraid of being deceived, making the wrong choice, etc. Finding out the cause of fear, one can solve the problem.


The struggle with objections, as we found out,is an essential part of the seller's work. After all, no matter how well the manager has presented the goods, a number of questions will necessarily follow. There is a category of sales people who perfectly show and tell about all the advantages, but it is necessary to ask a simple question, they are lost. And when the client insists and expresses disagreement, they break down psychologically.

the fight against objections in sales examples

The active sales manager must bea versatile person who knows how to improvise and has a knowledge base. To succeed in any field, you need to be a professional. In this sense, trade is no exception. Experienced managers can convince any client. As a result, the company makes a profit, and the buyer leaves in a good mood.

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