Content marketing is what?

Content marketing is for the target audiencean interesting presentation of fascinating and useful information. Modest advertising, more benefits (mostly advertising and completely hidden, while content marketing goes along with crowd marketing).

content marketing is

Content marketing is properly designed messages distributed and created to attract visitors with a bright presentation, structured argumentation.

What it is?

This content and work with it. And only then - with SMM and SEO.

SEO-professionals without content willthere is absolutely nothing to optimize. How does SEO work? There is a visible area of ​​the page - article, video, photo - all this content. Also there is a hidden area - metadata, which help search engines index the page. In this case, each link, each keyword in the text - this is a small hint, laying people the way to your specific content.

Tweets and newsletters, brief descriptions and extensivelending products in various online stores - all these are separate parts of the content. At the same time, content marketing is a certain work with any content that helps you achieve your goals. Thus at all different purposes. Someone wants to increase the recognition of their brand, the second - to demonstrate their own expert potential. Some tend to attract new customers, the latter think, as it were, to retain the former. There are hundreds of goals. And most of them allow you to solve well-created content.

In this article, we will take a closer look at content marketing, new methods of attracting customers.

content marketing and rock n roll

What does the business give content marketing?

Today in the fashion of content marketing. In this case, many of its use is not solved - too vague prospects and not obvious advantages. Of course, I want to be valued by clients, but how can this be achieved? The goal looks very abstract, but how to achieve visible results? We will understand what content marketing is. Promoting the company with its help is becoming more popular today.

Brand recognition

To begin with, after you have createdcontent, people appear, which can be talked about, not only content starts to be discussed, but the whole company that created it. So, people exchange links, exchange impressions, while form their opinion about a particular firm. Sarafannoe radio is an excellent strategy of content marketing.

Trust and reputation

At once it is necessary to specify, what to win trust - nota simple task. It takes time. At the same time, when you prove your competence, you will be treated much more often. People believe the experts. Be it: content marketing (a book on it now freely sold in any store) helps to earn the reputation of a real expert. The main thing in this is to bet on quality, not volume: one good post per week is much better than 7 mediocre ones.

content marketing new methods of attracting customers

Sites that generate content in tons, whileas absolutely not caring, with excess. They should not be compared. Do not force your readers to rummage in a dump of texts of questionable quality and to snoop unchecked information. A person needs a site that they can absolutely trust. They should be your resource.

Trust is the ladder leading from content to services of the company.

Indirect Conversion

Correctly composed content marketing, newmethods of which are presented in this article, allows you to attract the necessary audience, in addition, reduces the distance between your products and people. If a person's article provokes sincere interest, he will also be interested in your services. The main thing is to focus on your reader, on the person you need. In the opposite case, you can run into a rake, as the once famous "Megaplan".

"Megaplan" launched the mailing in the fall of 2012. She got 100,000 subscribers in a year and a half. This is an excellent example of content marketing: really useful and quality articles - and zero advertising. At the same time, the distribution of commercial potential was not. According to her former editor Maxim Ilyakhov, it turned out to be a loss-making project. And Mikhail Smolyanov, CEO of Megaplan, said that 100,000 subscribers are good, but that's not enough.

The newsletter became popular, while it wasis not aimed at the right audience. The first letters - about sales, management, business - were addressed to entrepreneurs. In this case, all subsequent - about thinking, psychology, personal effectiveness - solely to hired workers. At the same time, hired workers are completely different people who will start implementing such a system of business management.

content marketing promotion

This mailing with the product was not linked. And if you plan to launch content marketing - you need to consider this.

What else is content marketing interesting? Stelzner, the author of a book about new technologies for managing it, says that it's not worth creating content that is interesting to everyone. It is important that the more the audience, the wider coverage, while you know exactly what you need these people? Let you read not 100,000, but only 5000 - but this will be your target audience. People who can become your regular customers over time.

Increased traffic

Competent management of content marketingimpossible without it. Correctly organized content increases traffic, and this is inevitable. At the same time, the more exciting content is published on your site, the more people you attract. And they will know who you are, and also what services you offer.


Considering the methods of content marketing, it is worthnote that without content SEO does not make sense. The more your content is claimed, the more often you refer to it and so it is higher in the issuance of search engines. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, the search engines scan it and includeown base. Then, when people create a query, an index is built. In it, your page takes some definite position. In this case, the more your content completely corresponds to the request, the higher the page will be in the issue.

Quality content attracts traffic. Examples can lead to a huge number. They all lead to one. Without SEO, content does not make sense.

Direct Conversion

Nothing persuades people as faithfullydescription of the service or product. This is mentioned in the book "Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll" (D. Kaplunov). If customers say that you are unusual - they will reach out to you. Important: "faithful" means competently made and targeted at your target audience, specific, interesting and clear.

content marketing new methods

Flywheel principle

Do not think that this will happenvery quickly, as also mentioned in the book "Content, marketing and rock and roll." D. Kaplunov, the author of the book, says that this is always a very long voyage. In achieving rapid goals, it is absolutely useless. If you think that it is worth starting a blog, and a month later you will be visited by crowds of customers, and organic traffic will grow at times - you are cruelly mistaken.

This type of marketing works like a flywheel. It takes effort to start it. You push the flywheel, the energy expends, the wheel accelerates - and only after it untwists, it begins to produce energy itself. Stock up with enough patience - eventually everything comes. Content marketing is not a panacea; here results are not instantaneous. If traffic to the next day remained at the same level, it does not mean that the content does not work. Wait, while continuing to do everything according to the earlier plan.

Without team and budget

From content marketing to refuse, if on himyou have little or no money, while in the team only 2 people do not need. Of course, if there are not enough capacities, you can not always physically generate good content. In this case, focus on the content.

Let's take as an example the search algorithms of Google. It all started with a little material that the author of the company created for his own needs. In doing so, it turned out ... you know what. Today, anyone who wants to learn about the changes in the algorithms of "Google" appears on this page. It has since 2011 scored 1,700,000 views. In doing so, all this with a small budget for further advancement. And also with a little effort: the author replenished the material bit by bit, while fixing only important.

On the reverse side, at low power you will be more intensive for the quality of the material and plan your goals more carefully. Here it is worth noting that less is better, but better.

strategy content marketing

How to convince the client or the boss that they need it?

Content, of course, is king, but people who producehe, often too intensely trying to convince everyone of the value of such marketing. The reason for this is simple: the most popular types of content (manuals, articles, videos, newsletters, webinars) refer to the very top of sales, to that stage, which is a few steps from conversion.

This content helps you find people. You can even fall in love with or remember for him. You are able to gain a large audience. At the same time, educational content is not a final stage, and it rarely leads to sales. There are more conversion variants of it. The effectiveness and value of it is difficult to verify, and, therefore, to explain to the boss or client what the beauty of this marketing is, it is not easy.


Initially, tell them about the benefits:

  1. Experience accumulation.
  2. Long-term relationships with the audience. So you build trust with people who will come back to you.
  3. Speaking of the merits, be completelyfrank. Do not make unrealistic promises. Build the right expectations. Interested in creating an image? Increase the audience? Raising awareness? All this will be. Just be careful. This kind of marketing is the very first stage of sales, the period of the emergence of awareness, when the client only remembers and recognizes the company. Therefore, it's silly to think that buyers will crowd in a crowd to your store in case they read 2-3 posts on the blog. In this case it is necessary that the chief understands this as well.
  4. Run the flywheel, allowing you to achieve the desired marketing goals.

Many of the content marketing refuse, soas they believe that they have too specific business and people will not be interested in the cement plant about how to produce mineral fertilizers or matches. But this is absolute nonsense.

It is important how, and not what. Not what you are talking about, but how you do it. The question is in the right strategy. If you are doing content marketing competently, clients will be interested in learning about anything. Including, on matches and cement.

Speak the language of numbers

Despite the fact that content marketing is locatedon top of sales, this does not mean that the rest can not be convinced of its true value. Can. Only it is necessary for this to build a complex method of calculations - one that will demonstrate how the content leads to conversion.

We will be helped in this by Google Analytics. In it we will use the model of multichannel sequences. It will be necessary to properly configure the analyst - it will start tracking all interaction points right before the conversion.

What does this all mean?

In case the user on your site has switchedthrough social networks, they receive in the analyst a conditional point. If the post in the blog read, then the same score is already a blog. After that, it will be necessary for you to analyze what role each sales channel plays in sales. And already draw conclusions based on all this.

Now you need to know only one thing: you can measure everything, including content marketing. Thus, you will have to justify on the figures how much content is profitable.

methods of content marketing

Show competitors

"Already all our competitors are usingcontent marketing with might and main "," Everyone is engaged in this "- these are rather strange arguments. At the same time, if you need to convince someone that he is needed and useful, then in this case all means are good. Demonstrate the competitors doing this. At the same time, be prepared that you will be told: "Do the same." Just do not rush: for content marketing, copying is always a losing strategy.

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