Concentrated marketing

Before the company enters the consumermarket, its experts evaluate the capabilities of the enterprise and the subsequent strategy of promoting goods and services. Concentrated marketing allows businesses with a limited budget, starting their activities, to receive significant profits. However, this approach also carries a certain risk, since targeting one segment of the market can lead to a decrease in revenues in case of loss of interest in this type of goods or services.

Concentrated marketing

Concentrated marketing

A similar technique is used by companies promotingalcohol, meat, clothing, machinery, industrial equipment. Sometimes a company with differentiated or undifferentiated marketing can use concentrated marketing in its practice to implement a certain type of goods. An example of this is the company "General Motors", which resorts to this method of segmenting the market for a more accurate hit in the target audience when manufacturing new models of cars.

Concentrated marketing is the so-called target marketing. It identifies the audience of consumers who are divided by the criteria:

  • gender identity;
  • place of residence;
  • a certain amount of income;
  • desires;
  • audience goals;
  • fears;
  • needs.

If you do not conduct such monitoring, thenIt will be impossible to determine either the course of the advertising campaign or forecast future incomes or risks. Concentrated marketing is created with the aim of maximally accurately benefiting its target audience. Examples:

  • ritual services;
  • goods for the newlyweds;
  • preparation of weddings;
  • Products for children.
    Target market segments

Target market segments

The market is divided into parts, each of which in that orto a certain extent responds to a specific request. With the help of careful analysis, all consumers are divided into groups with similar requests. They create a proposal for them. Depending on what kind of positioning in the market the company chooses, it directs its activity either to one or several segments of the market.

Concentrated marketing in action

To understand how a segment is createdmarket, we give the main criteria for the distribution of the target audience for specific groups. Produce a thorough analysis. One segment will include people with a specific place of residence: city or village (population density is taken into account), region, transport links, climate, availability of competitors and legal restrictions.

Concentrated marketing is

This is followed by a demographic analysis of this targetaudience: age, sex, profession, education, income, marital status and lifestyle. Be sure to consider the attitude of consumers to the brand they want to enter the market, how popular it is and what is the loyalty of the audience to it. Consider the motives for making purchases, as well as the degree of importance of the goods of this firm to customers.

As you can see, before entering the market, companiesThey carry out thorough monitoring and can refuse development in some regions because of low demand for their offers. Thus, we see that any kind of work in the sphere of providing goods and services is associated with risk. Each company chooses the most comfortable marketing for themselves, but without a clear planning and analysis of any of the above methods will be subject to fluctuations.

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