Hidden advertising as a method of influence

Since the first products began to be sold,people invent the most sophisticated ways of persuasion and influence. It costs billions of dollars, but the income from such research is many times greater than the necessary costs.

Hiden advertisment
Hidden advertising: the prerequisites for the emergence

First time, the advertising of goods was of interest. It seemed funny and interesting. But more and more companies wanted to show their goods to potential buyers through the media. As a result, everything became so full of advertising that she began to irritate people. The family could not calmly watch the film, due to the fact that it was constantly interrupted by advertising. Advertising on television began to show more and more, and its duration became more and more. Of course, the effectiveness of this method of promotion has significantly decreased.

The most enterprising companies came up with anothermethod. They decided that you can talk about your product between the lines of a movie or a television program. It is known that fans of films tend to be like their idols. They dress like them, they eat the same food and drink the same drinks. Hidden advertising helped to break through not in the memory of people, but in their minds. Thus, movie stars dressed in jeans of famous brands, smoked cigarettes of the company that paid for it, and ate in restaurants with a corresponding signboard.

hidden advertising in films
The commensurability of the cost and effectiveness of hidden advertising

To show your logo in the movie, you need tosignificantly to fork out. Such advertising is quite expensive, but how to measure its effectiveness? Hidden advertising in films, of course, can be analyzed, but not as detailed and detailed as other types of advertising. In general, it declares its effectiveness "post factum", i.e. already after the film's release. It is then that marketers measure the increase in demand and assess the overall feasibility of using this type of advertising.

In most cases, hidden advertising in the moviehas a high rate of profitability and payback, especially when the film causes excitement from the public and becomes a cash register. The cost of placing advertising in the cinema depends on the actors who are being removed there, on the number of shows and the degree of visibility.

hidden advertising in the cinema
Hidden advertising has become an effective analogsimple commercials. To date, you can see a trend towards more and more filling of films with advertising. Producers try to regulate this flow by constantly increasing prices, but one can come to the conclusion that in the near future this type of advertising will become obsolete. Then other highly sophisticated methods of influencing the human consciousness will emerge on the marketing scene, which, like concealed advertising, will lead a person to an unconscious desire to use products of certain brands and brands.

Today, marketing is not so much based oneconomic laws, how many on psychological research. A person is literally forced to want what he does not need. For this reason, they show heroes of movies with a huge number of cars, watches, pairs of shoes and other things.

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