Vadim Shiryaev is one of the TOP-10 best marketing consultants

Vadim Shiryaev was born in Khabarovsk. It is considered a genius in the field of marketing. He is one of the world's top ten experts on strategic business development. In Russia it is considered an expert N 1 in the marketing field.

Vadim Shiryaev


Vadim Shiryaev is a business expert. In the field of innovation and knowledge management, he is the best. He has the status of speaker at world-class conferences. He created the organization of the Commonwealth for the development of business and manages it. Has its own developed technology for solutions of a strategic nature - Heart-management and FlashPoint. Recognized as the leading CIS expert in the field of knowledge management.


Since 2004, Vadim Shiryaev is in the TOP of the bestconsultants on marketing, and takes the first of 5 lines. Its commonwealth (SOMAR) has more than 20 branches throughout the Russian Federation. And also Vadim founded the Jack Traut Positioning School in Russia.


It is considered the official representative of one of theprestigious marketing awards "MAKE". In addition, Vadim Shiryaev is looking for the best companies in the marketing orientation. This is facilitated by its foundation of the "Master of Marketing" award.

Technology of doing business

Vadim acts as a co-author of the developmenttechnologies aimed at a strategic solution. He came up with a new way of developing business and increasing its competition. At the same time, this technology is adapted to the adaptation of new conditions, which is especially important in times of crisis.

Vadim Shiryaev biography


But not only this is known Vadim Shiryaev. His biography includes entrepreneurial activity. He is a successful creator and president of the ABS Innovation Center. The activities of his children are aimed at developing business, as well as consulting entrepreneurs.


For 20 years in the business sector Vadim Shiryaev wasway from an entrepreneur to an expert in marketing. In Russia it is recognized as the best in its field, the leading companies of the country address it. Its activities are aimed at advising, creating various technologies that allow developing various ideas of business planning. Vadim received training and training in the United States of America and Japan, which allows him to apply the acquired knowledge and experience to practice in Russia. Also holds various seminars and trainings for entrepreneurs. It is worth noting that it is not so easy for Vadim to get to a consultation, because his schedule is very tight. The list of companies working with it includes world-class giants. According to the latest data, Vadim advises the top managers of Coca-Cola.


Vadim Shiryaev has reviews exclusivelypositive. He justifies his title as Russia's best expert in marketing and business management. This is confirmed by such large customers as the Russian Railways, Sheremetyevo airport, the world giants Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, LG. In addition to the above companies, mobile networks are also turning to Vadim: Beeline, MTS, Megafon. This indicates recognition not only among the CIS countries, but also at the world level! Vadim has already implemented more than 250 projects for various companies.

Vadim Shiryaev reviews

What seminars and trainings are conducted

Vadim conducts various seminars for studentswithin the framework of the Academy of Marketing. His trainings are aimed at stimulating sales and sales, and he also helps evaluate the implementation of various promotion companies. In addition, during the seminars, consultations are held on the topic "Merchandising - a way to increase profits in trade." In such events, the largest trade networks with world names have already taken part. It is worth noting that Vadim has no negative feedback. You can also contact him at a special forum where he answers questions. You can apply for it at the seminar by phone: 8-926-206-95-36.

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