Marketing Plan Amway

Many of you are familiar with such companies as Oriflame,Amway, Avon, etc. They are organized on the principle of network marketing, or in another way, a financial pyramid. Let's consider more closely the development of "own business" by the example of Amway. The main direction of this organization is to attract new distributors, and therefore new investments, since entering into full ownership of "own business" a lucky person must buy products in order to ensure turnover. The marketing plan for the Amway is quite simple: NPA (independent entrepreneur Amway), buying a starter pack containing several pieces of paper (contracts, catalogs, etc.), is properly "processed" by the higher-level NPA (popularly referred to as the sponsor). This same sponsor is a mentor and part-time personal "motivator." He will endlessly call and ask how things are going, and if help is needed, etc. After all, he himself is interested in having the link of his pyramid bring into it as many new links as possible. In this, strictly speaking, is the mythical marketing plan for the Amway. The more people you bring, the more you will receive bonuses from a huge system called the financial pyramid. But the money that this pyramid earns goes to its apex to the "founding fathers".

Recently there were prospects of developmente-commerce, that is, the opportunity to transfer the marketing plan of the Amway to the wide spaces of the Internet resource. This new idea has appeared in connection with the fact that recently the business has smoothly flowed into the online system, which, I must say, only improves the interaction with potential customers. In addition, advertising in this context also works much more effectively, because on the Internet today billions of users around the world are registered, and there is no need to go anywhere, call, fly, etc., everything can be turned off sitting on an armchair at your computer. To date, there are various forms of e-commerce. Many large firms have long developed electronic stores along with conventional ones.

Here and representatives of network marketing decided to keep up with the progress and start reorganizing their marketing plan for the use of the Amway network on the Internet.

Just imagine how muchpotential distributors they see on the Internet, which can be recruited and taught virtually. In addition, the sale of goods and benefits for "training" (books, video and audio recordings, tickets for seminars, etc.) can also be sold online.

The only thing that puzzles the leaders of the networkmarketing, that with such a development of technical equipment, the psychological connection that they establish during personal meetings is increasingly weakened. And this means that the degree of their influence on the person's subconscious will decrease, until they can not control the actions of their subordinates. Therefore, to completely go into the Internet, representatives of the "pyramid systems" can not yet, and thank God. So I want to say: "beware of scammers!".

Smart educated people who have a stableincome, after hearing the marketing plan for the Amway, immediately understand that they are bred, and will never agree to become a link in the financial pyramid, because sooner or later (often for this takes three to five years of life!), hopes for a "bright future" are collapsing, and the person does not receive the promised financial prosperity. By that time, the "businessman-loser" spends an impressive amount of money (giving them to the company!), Families are often ruined, parents abandon their children, and friends stop talking. And in the end, a person remains alone without work, family and friends.

Of course, not everything is so pessimistic, it's different, sometimes people just return to their former place of work and in time just laugh at this fact of their biography.

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