Hyde, how to download clothes for "Sims 4", install and remove it

"Sims 4" fell in many liking. In particular, everyone was happy with the new graphics and game features, the updated interface. But the content is still a problem. Even despite the large number of add-ons, some gamers think that the clothes could have been bigger. With the amount of things that are available in The Sims 4 to date, it is very difficult to make a variety in the appearance of all residents of the virtual town. Therefore, many are worried by questions about where to get additional content and how to download clothes for "Sims 4".

Where can I find new things?

To begin with, you need to understand that there are two types of content: official and custom.

Sims 4 Supplement Clothing

Official additions are laid out onthe official website of the game "Sims 4". You can download it only for real money or for the points provided in The Store. They are charged for the purchase of the official game and various additions (catalogs and updates), as well as for participating in any game events and any actions.

User Content - Different Objects(for example, patches, hairstyles, cosmetics, furniture and so on), laid out on third-party resources by fans of the Sims series of games. Before downloading clothes for "Sims 4" on such sites, it is recommended to carefully study them. A large number of them is safe and does not contain any malicious links. Check it out quite easily. On quality sites there are always user reviews, as well as groups in social networks. By the way, user-generated content is not just objects created by gamers. On such sites, you can often find materials from the official The Store.

How to download clothes for "Sims 4"?

Additional content can have one of two forms:

  • file with the extension .package (pokezh);
  • archived folder in the format zip, rar or 7z.

In the latter version, additional content such as sites is downloaded. All other user content comes out with the package extension.

how to download clothing for sims 4

Instructions how to download clothes for "Sims 4" and install it:

  1. If you download official content, thenyou need to go to the official site in The Store or the Gallery application, available in the game "Sims 4". Then select the clothes, click "buy" and download. The content will appear automatically in the game.
  2. If you download custom content, thenyou need to go to the fan site with the materials. Open the category "Clothes" and choose the suitable materials. Then click the "Download" button (may be called "Download" or download), it is usually located at the bottom of the content description. Downloaded file should be transferred to the folder DocumentsElectronic Arts The Sims 4Mods.

How do I delete content?

Sims 4 Supplement Clothing

In the "Sims 4" add-ons (clothes, hairstyles and other files in the package format) are deleted very simply. Simply open the Mods folder, select the desired document and click "Delete".

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