Oh, that slug! Struggle against them is absolutely necessary!

There are no parasites in nature! Among them - naked slugs (snails without a shell). It is a real scourge of all gardens and vegetable gardens! Gardeners simply grab at the head when sluts are planted on their household plots. Fighting against him is not for life, but for death! These parasites cover noble garden plants with moisturizing mucus, ripping off juicy and soft tissues. As a consequence, a decrease in yields, a deterioration in its quality. And all this one and the same parasite is a slug!

struggle with slugs in the country

The fight against him began back in 1910! Then, to no one else, a famous biologist named Vavilov was studying naked slugs. He had to defend the thesis on this topic. The future scientist thoroughly studied all the habits and habits of these slippery shellfish. He came up with one of the most effective ways to slaughter slugs in garden areas, which is still used by the vast majority of gardeners. What is this method? Read on!

Fighting slugs in the country by N.N. Vavilov

Habitat and existence of terrestrial molluscs(slugs and snails) are wet grassy thickets. They can not wish for more comfort! Therefore, one should not create such comfortable conditions for them. In time, remove the residual crop - potential slug food (especially during their active breeding). He's such a naked slug!

slug fighting with it

The fight against him, according to the scientist, should includewe must weed weed! Do not forget about it! The fact is that it is in weed thickets (especially near greenhouses and hotbeds) that snails and slugs suffer drought and heat without significant losses on their part.

Fight against slugs in the garden. Modern ways

  1. It is necessary to avoid dense planting of vegetable crops. Remember, the more spacious will be tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers, the less likely the stagnation of air, and, therefore, the appearance of dampness.
  2. Draw on the garden area of ​​the frogs. Amphibians with great pleasure eat these shellfish. How to do it? It is enough to arrange low (4 cm) containers with water between your plantings (or next to the beds). I assure you, the frogs will take care of you forgetting who the slug is!
    struggle with slugs in the garden
  3. The fight against it can be conducted with the help ofa time-tested chemical - "Metaldehyde". Its chemical action is as follows: the substance in the soil decomposes to water and carbon dioxide. It is harmless for earthworms, for beneficial insects. In addition, the blue color of its granules scares off pests. It is based on the production of a lot of funds designed to combat slugs on the site (for example, "Storm"). Granules of this preparation do not pose any danger for garden crops, they simply create a protective barrier against land mollusks that live in gardens. How does the drug work? Slugs, trying to crawl over these granules, burn special glands, which secrete the mucus necessary for mollusks for life. The result is that the mollusk can not move, it does not get to devour plants, it quickly dies. Good luck in fighting pest.
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