What harm does mole bring? Fighting them on the site

Moles are small mammals of the familyworm. They are referred to a detachment of insectivores. The main constituent of their diet is various insects: earthworms, larvae, May beetles, wireworms and other pests. They are abundant in your beds, which attract moles.

moles struggle with them

Moles save your garden from these smallinsects, but also damage the crop. They roll potato tubers to the surface or, on the contrary, harvest food for the winter deep in the ground, and during the digging of the passages damage the root system, which leads to the death of the plant. Crotas, dug them, spoil the beautiful appearance of your beds or lawns.

fighting moles at the site
Once you notice that your favorite plantsin the garden began to wither, and on the garden area began to appear dug up hillocks of the earth, should immediately move to serious action. Fighting moles in the country, the garden or in the garden is quite a painstaking and difficult matter.

Before you begin to destroy or kick these animals from the site, you should find out what the moles are. Fighting them will be easier and more effective if you have this information.

You should know that moles are family animals,so they do not appear on the site alone. They come in groups of 5-7 individuals, working as a cohesive "team." Therefore, catching one mole - do not relax. Know that a few blind land-builders "crave revenge".

Moles do not go into hibernation, so it is important that mole scarers work both in winter and in summer.

fighting moles in the country
When installing traps or baits,attention to the fact that most of the walks for hunting are located at a depth of 10-15 cm under your beds, since the loose moist soil is a cozy refuge for earthworms, which moles like so much. Fighting them is a little easier, if you spread the poisoned bait on the beds in the molehills.

To fall asleep moves of moles is meaningless. They are very capable of working and will spend no more than an hour to restore the littered tunnels.

The fight against moles in the area should beobservance of all safety standards. You can not catch moles with your bare hands, as they can quite painfully bite your sharp teeth. And anyway, trying to catch a mole with your hands is as pointless as filling his burrows. Mole - a strong and quirky animal, keep it in hand is almost impossible. Catching up a mole is also not possible. He runs with the same speed as a dog or a cat. With poor eyesight, they have excellent hearing and sense of smell, so do not underestimate these animals.

To ensure that during the summer season you do not haveThe moles were in trouble, the fight against them should begin even before they appeared on your site. To prevent the migration of the worm family to your beds, it is necessary to protect your site with a net, slate or iron, and break their centimeters by 50 per cent along the perimeter. This is quite a laborious, but the most effective way.

A lot of trouble brings our sites moles. Fighting them is a complex process that takes a lot of time.

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