Interethnic conflicts. Examples and reasons

At the heart of world history lieinternational conflicts. Examples of such events were given to many peoples at a very significant price. Bloody world wars of the twentieth century will long be remembered in every corner of the globe. Modern society, it would seem, opposes any military actions and conflicts, liberal ideas, healthy competition and global globalization are at the heart of its development. However, in reality everything is somewhat different. The number of conflicts on national and religious grounds is increasing every year, and an increasing number of participants are involved in the cycle of such battles, which leads to a gradual expansion of the scale of the problem.

The mismatch of national interests, territorial claims, negative perception of each other by the parties - all this forms interethnic conflicts.

international conflicts examples
Examples of such situations are covered in political news with enviable constancy.

Interethnic conflict is aa kind of social conflict, based on many factors and contradictions, as a rule, ethnosocial, political, national and state.

The causes of national conflicts, if we look at them in detail, are in many respects very similar:

  • The struggle for resources. The depletion and uneven distribution of natural resources that provide the most financial flows, often leads to incitement of disputes and strife.
  • The growth of the population in the conditions of isolation of the territory, uneven quality of life, massive forced migration of the population.
  • Terrorism as a phenomenon that requires the adoption of harsh measures and, as a result, aggravation of conflict situations.

Religious differences

causes of national conflicts

Interethnic conflicts, examples of which will beare listed below, relate primarily to the largest power of the twentieth century - the Soviet Union. A lot of contradictions arose between the Union republics, especially in the Caucasus region. A similar situation persists even after the former constituent parts of the country receive the sovereign status of the Soviets. Since the collapse of the USSR, more than a hundred and fifty different conflicts have been registered in Chechnya, Abkhazia and Transnistria.

The presence of disadvantaged national minorities in thewithin the framework of a sovereign country, directly underlies the concept of "interethnic conflicts", examples of which are encountered more and more often. This is the Gagauz conflict in Moldova, the Abkhaz and Ossetian conflicts in Georgia. Usually, with such contradictions, the population within the country is divided into a radical and non-indigenous, which leads to an even more acute aggravation of the situation.

Examples of religious conflicts are notless often. The most striking of them is the fight against the infidels in numerous Islamic countries and regions (Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc.). Similar conflicts are typical for the African continent, the fierce struggle of Muslim authorities and representatives of other faiths has claimed more than two million lives, and wars on the holy land between Muslims and Jews have lasted for several decades.

examples of religious conflicts
In the same sad list, the conflicts in Kosovo between Serbs and Albanians, the struggle for the independence of Tibet.

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