Fighting ants: folk ways

The fight against ants is realproblem. Often they occupy the garden and the garden, thereby causing a lot of trouble. Ant families, given their active activities, can seriously damage the future harvest.

fighting ants
Using various means forextermination of these insects, some often forget that the whole colony controls the ant uterus and it is able to restore the colony's size in a short time, if necessary.

If you look from the other side, then the antsbring some benefit, for example, forming nests in the soil, they thereby additionally loosen the top layer of the soil, and this is simply necessary for plants. The basic diet of ants consists of aphids and larvae, which simply destroy the future harvest. But despite all the positive moments, the ants still do a lot of harm. For example, if a plant has at least some damage to its roots, these insects will destroy it completely. Though, maybe, and it was possible to cure this plant, but ants know their business and it is not always possible to get ahead of them.

fighting ants in the garden
So fighting ants in the garden and in the gardenjust needed. We know that ants do not like extraneous odors. Proceeding from the fact that they are frightening off these insects, they force you to be constantly in suspense, you can use fragrant plants and preparations in order to withdraw from the area of ​​ants. These insects will simply try to find a more peaceful place of existence, and we can take advantage of this. Alternatively, place the smoked herring in the places where the pests are most concentrated.

Fighting ants in the garden can be conducted withusing ordinary ash, anise drops, which can handle the nest. To do this, even a few drops are enough to discourage insects from walking their main path. Combating ants is also possible with the help of "antimol" tablets. In some cases, it is enough only to treat the nest with boric acid, or rather, its strong solution. The use of special baits, which can be purchased at the store, also gives a positive result. There you can buy a solution of "muratsida", which is ideal for fighting insects in greenhouses. All these drugs work for two days. During this time, the ant colonies disappear and do not appear throughout the season.

fight with ants in the country
The fight with ants in the country is possible with the help ofnatural means. For example, you can make garlic, pepper or tobacco tincture. It is necessary to take the stems or leaves of plants and dry, and then decompose the dry plant in the favorite places of the ants, as well as in their habitat. After a while you will see how all the ant family goes.

Effective struggle against ants withusing dried rhubarb. They should be rubbed. Then the rhubarb is laid out around the perimeter of the garden. Insects, not tolerating the smell of this plant, quickly leave for a new habitat.

I hope that these recommendations will help make your fight against insects more effective.

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