Boots-stockings: how to choose and what to wear?

What woman does not dream about shoes that would emphasize the beauty and harmony of her legs? The best of these goals will help to achieve boots-stockings.

How to choose?

Boots-stockings can have different lengths. The most common are the models above the knee. In most cases, they are made of leather, stretch fabric or suede. Boots made of stretch - this is an ideal option for tall slender girls with a perfect shape of the legs. After all, they concentrate on all the details of the shape of the legs. They must necessarily rise above the knee. For thin legs, boots with lacing are designed. Such models are easily adjusted to the size of caviar. Boots for full legs should be low or have special inserts.

Boots Stockings
Boots are stockings. A photo. What to look for

If you are going to buy boots-stockings, then inFirst of all, remember that they should fit tightly on the leg. Despite the fact that leather boots are quite practical, in the sitting position they can squeeze the leg too much. Therefore, those who like comfort, pay attention to the combined models, in which the lower part is made of leather, and the bootleg - from the stretch. Nevertheless, beautiful and worthy will look only boots made of genuine leather. Such shoes will not lose their original appearance for a long time.

When buying, pay attention to boots withlightning, because they can be dressed much faster. The main thing is that the lightning is made of quality material. A characteristic feature of the described footwear is a high heel, which essentially extends the female silhouette. This does not mean that you can not find models without a heel, but they are not able to convey the whole charm of such shoes.

With what to wear?

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Creating an image in which an important role is playedboots-stockings, you should never forget about the sense of proportion. After all, in this case, the line between beauty and vulgarity is too thin. Therefore, when drawing an image with boots, stockings it is important to remember that they can not be worn with too open or dyed clothes. It is better to stop on a dress that either does not reach the top edge of the shoe, or slightly covers it. To the boot-stockings fit opaque tights. Extravagant girls can try the original variations with trousers. For example, it may be narrow trousers that fit inside the boot, or a non-standard model with the effect of riding breeches. Although it is best to combine an elegant coat with stockings.

Boots Stockings Photo
Stretchy boots-stockings are well combined with thin tunics, short light dresses, skirts and shorts. They are often worn, tucked. Stretch boots are an irreproachable option for a party.

Models of suede fit for short eveningDresses, as well as knitwear models with drapes and folds. But since suede is a rather delicate material, such boots should be worn on special occasions. For solemn events Suede boots with a high hairpin fit.

For everyday use are intendedboots-stockings made of leather. It's good if they have a steady heel. Leather models can be worn with knitted dresses, elongated cardigans, long loose sweaters, augmented belt or scarf.

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