Autumn boots

Good autumn boots - self-sufficientAn accessory that is not just a shoe, but in a sense an attribute of status. Correctly matched pair will be combined with many models of outerwear, bags and scarves.

In 2013, the fashion boots, decoratedmetal accessories, rivets, chains, straps, lacing. Extraordinarily popular boots are above the knee (boots, boots-stockings, "fishing" with a wide bootleg) of reserved shades. Also in a special favor, high heels of various shapes (hairpin, glass, square).

Autumn boots

Waddings and platforms lose popularity, andhere ugg boots and rubber boots from last season confidently stepped into the present. The trend of the season is a combination of materials, different in texture (leather and suede, textiles and rubber). The color gamut of 2013 is almost unlimited, there are many shades in it, from reserved to the most daring.

Buying autumn boots, consider a number of factors,They will help to avoid disappointment from the wrong choice. In autumn shoes must be strong stitches. Glued boots are generally not worth considering as an option if you need really good shoes. It is necessary to choose only qualitatively sewn shoes. Check how strong the seams, you can slightly bent insole.
A high heel will never go out of fashion, hefeminine and beautiful. But the heels should be the right shape to wear shoes was comfortable and without the risk of damage to the leg. The climb should fit you perfectly, the foot should fit smoothly and comfortably into the shoe.

fashionable autumn boots

If you want to buy fashionable autumn boots, thenConsider the fact that, despite not seasonal trends, shoes should be chosen according to your individual style. Only in this case you can be sure that it will be combined with your base wardrobe.

Must purchase without failprecede fitting. Only passing at least a few steps, you can understand whether you can wear shoes without inconvenience. Even buying boots through an online store, you need to try them on delivery.

Autumn leather boots can differ in price not only depending on the quality of their performance.

autumn leather boots
Quite often, quality footwear can be budgetary. Especially when it comes to domestic producers. Exclusive brand imported models are much more expensive.

Undoubtedly, to save on the quality of autumn shoes is notIt costs, as it will have to be worn in slush, and in mud, and in the rain. In such conditions, autumn boots are subjected to a special load. The most reliable models - on a platform and a wedge, with a stable heel. They look very impressive and at the same time elegant.

Autumn boots can be made from bothnatural, and from artificial materials. Now the most common is footwear made of leather, knitwear, felt, polyester, rubber. Shoes made of artificial materials (rubber, artificial leather) are characterized by lower prices, but at the same time and its service life is calculated for no more than one or two seasons. Over time, it deforms, stretches and loses its original aesthetics. Leather boots, subject to the rules of care for them, will last incomparably longer, while retaining the original presentable appearance.

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