Treads-stockings - shoes for "advanced" ladies!

No wonder they say that fashion always comes back. For example, superfashionable boots-stockings exactly returned from the past. And from a very distant Middle Ages.

boots trousers

How came in modern fashion boots and stockings

Being a common shoe of Europeancavalrymen, in Russia high, knee-capping boots with sewn sockets appeared only in the 17-18 centuries. They were part of uniforms of hussars, lancers, dragoons, cuirassiers. Sometimes the foot soldiers wore boots. Later this version of boots became the favorite footwear of representatives of the nobility class. Peter himself showed his predilection for boots. But still it was men's shoes.

But in the 70s of the last century, high-boots-stockings became fashionable for women. Their bunches were made of tightly fitting calf of lovely lady's legs of shiny material.

And today men's boots have suddenly moved toWomen's wardrobe, having become related with boots-stockings. And there was something average, amazing, so new that came from such a distant past. And this footwear, which became known as "boots and stockings", went out today to the most "cool" fashion podiums to conquer girls' hearts.

Varieties of boots-stocking

Oh, how sexy look prelestnitsy, coveringslender legs with long boots! The more attractive are the boots-stockings also because there are many varieties of them. There are many things to choose from.

Boots Stockings Photo

There are these boots with a heel of different heights and configuration, completely without a heel or on a platform.

Treads are made of different materials,the most popular of which are leather, suede or imitation leather. This fall and winter, boots with embroidered or lace-up tops are especially popular. Extravagant look models, combined from several types of material.

The height of the bootleg is highboot-stockings with a classical length just above the knee and super-long, hiding part of their thighs with their tops. Also, the models are distinguished by the presence or absence of a buckle. "Lightning" and cuts from the side, numerous straps with buckles decorate modern female boots and stockings. The photos presented here show that today's boots are extra-knee boots with cross-sections on the knees and with cut out sections in the ankles, at the foot, foot or heel.

Who will use boots?

It's fashionable to look like any girl, but withThis does not need to follow blindly the current trends. Of course, high fragile models with perfectly even legs in them look just fine. But everyday life is different from the podium!

Indeed, the jackboots are more suitable for highgirls. And on the owners of miniature forms, such shoes will look good if the figure is close to ideal. But do not wear tight boots for the small, plump girls - they will visually make their legs even fuller. And even more so it is worthwhile to think carefully of the prelests, who have some problems with the shape and length of the legs. They are unlikely to fit boots-stockings.

With what to wear high tight boots?

Treads - shoes are rather peculiar, they can look both elegant and vulgar. Therefore, it's important to dress properly too.

Such shoes will suit short dresses of any style: it can be a strict monophonic narrow dress of dense material or flowing, with folds of bright or multi-colored fabric.

boots stockings with what to wear

You can wear such boots with a tunic oran elongated sweater. Interestingly and harmoniously, the boots will look like stockings in combination with leggings, breeches or narrow jeans. Such ensembles will make the legs visually longer, and the figure - more proportional.

Also with these boots, an elongated jacket will look original. The only condition is that it must reach the length of the boots. True, such an ensemble looks somewhat provocative ...

Boots without a heel are usually worn under pants,jeans, tunics and dresses are free cut, the heels of boots with a slender and more harmonious look in the ensemble with strict dresses of medium length or with trousers-riding breeches.

high boots stockings

Given the fact that it's still shoesdemi-season, and not summer, we should remember about jackets, raincoats, coats. And here again the rule works: between the boots and the edge of the clothes there must be a "gap". Absolutely not harmonize high boots with a long coat that covers part of the tops. And if the lady really wants to combine these two outfits, then the coat should be unbuttoned or have creative cuts, cutouts that would open the upper part of the boots.

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