Women's stockings - style and attractiveness

At present, very few people know that initiallystockings were a thing intended for a strong half of humanity. Women wore long skirts and dresses, so they did not need to emphasize the beauty of their legs. However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, fashion trends have undergone drastic changes. Stockings became an attribute of a female toilet. And the variety of used fabrics allowed to produce beautiful cotton, viscose and fibrotic products. But the most stylish and expensive were always silk women's stockings.


Currently, this attribute, included in thewardrobe of the weak half of humanity, is considered one of the most sexual. Studies conducted by an American magazine convincingly proved that women's stockings are more seductive for men than pantyhose.

Modern industry produces products,designed for the beautiful half of humanity, a variety of colors. Female stockings can be chosen from bodily to violet tones. And the color of this accessory depends not only on the preference of the hostess, but also on the attire she acquired. White stockings are worn by brides and medical workers in uniform. Blacks are great for dark skirts and dresses. Female stockings and tights of unusual bright color are now especially fashionable. However, do not forget about their combination with clothing. For example, it is unacceptable to purchase blue stockings for a yellow skirt.

female stockings pantyhose

The original way to stand out from the crowd andto emphasize your individuality is the purchase of a seductive accessory, decorated with a pattern. Women's stockings are found with rhombuses, mesh and a variety of stripes. However, it should be borne in mind that on a full leg, a patterned accessory will emphasize shortcomings. The most universal colors are beige and smoky. And the first option is combined with any clothing. Stockings of smoky color should not be worn together with a light skirt. The most attractive and sexy are the black transparent products for women's legs.

Stockings that are designed to be worn in coldthe time of the year, must be necessarily warm. Modern industry produces many models on a dense elastic band made from woolen material. When purchasing such products, do not forget about health, putting on extra warm shorts. Undoubtedly, gynecologists do not welcome the fact that their women wear women's stockings in winter. Pantyhose in this case is the most preferred accessory. However, in the case when the lady is most of the time in the office or car, the choice of stockings for cold pores becomes justified. Woolen products are more suitable for warm winters, when the air temperature does not drop below ten degrees.

When choosing stockings, you must pay attention to their combination with the color of underwear and the quality of its fabric. Woolen stockings with lace silk underwear will look ridiculous.

female stockings and tights

Particular attention should be paid to choosingthe size of this accessory. Large stockings will create unsightly folds in the knee area, and small ones can lead to varicose veins in connection with the transmission of veins. The main condition for choice should be comfort.

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