Grinders - shoes for informal and bright personalities

Shoes Grinders - it's quite popular inall over the world the brand of shoes for the manufacture of heavy and "aggressive" models for representatives of various subcultures, which has long been considered an example of classics and style standards. This statement came to us from the very beginning, it is the grinders, shoes that always attract attention to themselves, have become one of the first models for non-informals. According to the same historical facts, the company was founded in 1965. At first, the models were popular only in Europe, but in the 90's appeared among the domestic youth, thus firmly established in the circle of ardent supporters of the informal style. Quite often you can hear that grinders - shoes are very specific and gloomy. And they call it nothing but an indispensable attribute of representatives of various subcultures. After all, such shoes are often worn by punks, Goths and so on.

grinders shoes

Grinders - shoes for ardent informal

Models of this company are widely usedpopularity among young people is not only due to the heavy and gloomy style, but also because of practicality and quality. Quite often representatives of different subcultures give their preference to grinders, in contrast to no less popular "conversions" and other models. In such models there are no unnecessary details, bright colors and an abundance of sequins and rhinestones that are popular with today's youth. Grinders - shoes, which differs from a number of others. They add to virtually every image the share of aggression and greatness. Over the past few years, the company has not been inferior in quality, variety of assortment and price policy to a number of other, no less popular brands of our time.

Grinders for men

"Grinders" is not only footwear for informal people. Quite often, such models are bought by people who prefer comfort and reliability, as well as quality, tested by millions of other buyers. From the lineup of this model, one should distinguish those that are convenient for riding a car and a motorcycle, as well as the most diverse options for work, study, production, and so on.

No less popular are such models for schoolchildren andstudents. Grinders are distinguished by high strength, excellent quality and affordable price. Students and schoolchildren love and wear such models not only because it's cool and emphasizes individuality, but also because the quality of products is checked by time.

men's grinders

Choosing the shoes of the company "Grinders", in the firstturn must pay attention to the size, color and shape of the product. The creators of this brand were among the first to use high lacing in their models. The number of holes for the laces often varies from 8 to 20.

Women's Grinder

Contrary to popular belief, that grinders areespecially men's shoes, many girls give their preference to these massive and vivid models for several years. Fashion trends change their direction every year, and so-called street style, which requires from its owner some aggression and individuality, is gaining popularity. Thanks to the shoes of the brand "Grinders" any girl can look impressive and fully meet the criteria of a particular subculture.

 women's grinder

Considering the female line of grinders,you should pay attention to the length of the product, the height of the lacing, as well as the parameters and thickness of the sole. Some models have a small platform, which makes the image more gloomy and reveals all the features of its owner.

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