How to choose the right women's shoes

It is believed that it is the French women who buy shoesmore often than all other women. But we are sure that every beautiful lady pays a lot of time to choose the next pair of shoes. Is this an easy task for you? How do you choose shoes? Quality, a well-known brand or the fashion trends of the coming season become the deciding factor of your choice? Of course, comfort, style and relevance should give you new shoes. But this is possible only under certain conditions. Properly selected shoes, taking into account the features of the figure - this is the health, beauty and perfection of your entire image.

Choose shoes by the type of figure

Style. If you are the owner of slender, long legs withan elegant ankle, you will fit shoes of almost any style. Choose, based on the overall style of your wardrobe, so that the shoes complement the image, making it perfect. If you have full calves and ankles, avoid closed models. Even the most trendy brand shoes with a detail that emphasizes the area of ​​the ankle,visually shorten and weight your legs. Boats with a deep feminine neckline or shoes with an open shoe - this is the option for you. And in the cold season you will be perfectly suited boots, tightly fitting calves to the knees. In the summer, give preference to sandals on the platform.

Heel. Thin hairpins up to 8 cm high will suit womenwith low growth. If you stop at higher heels, you risk getting a heavy gait with the whole body tilting forward. After all, the center of gravity you will change when walking on very high heels. Lush women are recommended a slightly thickened heel height of 5-8cm. And remember, clothes made from dense, heavy fabrics should be worn with shoes with thicker heels, light dresses look great with a high hairpin, but the length of the dress should be knee-deep and lower.

Shoes on a low stroke. Ballet flats are not recommended for women withLush hips and narrow shoulders. For them, a stable heel and a slightly narrowed cape are preferable. If you are the owner of the so-called rectangular figure, where the shoulders, hips and waist are the same, any shoes on a low stroke of all possible colors will suit you. Women with lush breasts and narrow thighs should pay attention to some spectacular low-boots, boots or open shoes.

Dear women, shoes are a great opportunitydiversify their style, make an accent in any image and emphasize the dignity of their figure. Do your choice of shoes thoughtfully and correctly, without losing your head from the fashion novelties. And then every man will lose his head from your easy, but confident gait.

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