Stylish sneakers on a wedge

Sports shoes should be, first of all,convenient. But our women of fashion, of course, pursue beauty and originality. And what if I put the sneakers on the heel? They have already been put on the platform! Some firms sneakers have long adopted such models.

Wedge Sneakers
At first glance, it may seem that such ashoes look ridiculous and even tasteless. However, even Hollywood stars such as, for example, Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Klum, periodically pacing in such newfangled design inventions. Sneakers on a wedge is a good option for those who always strive to be on top in every sense of the word. Many designers liked the idea of ​​improving and improving the bored shoes. They are still developing new models. And now the sale of running shoes is on stream. In general, such models have joined the sports shoes market in 2010. Of the obvious advantages of such shoes can be called originality, uniqueness, the presence of autumn and even winter variants. In addition, they visually extend their legs, and this is so important for girls.

Sneakers firms
If you are a fan of the whole bright andsunny, buy suede claret, blue or greenish sneakers on a wedge with a lacing. They will accurately distinguish you from the crowd. However, we do not recommend buying shoes screaming colors (bright pink, saturated blue, etc.), as it will give your image a touch of teenage vulgarity. As for laces, they, on the contrary, should not be afraid. However, if before you did not wear such shoes, then practice in a quick and accurate tying. If you are not a fan of bright colors, then choose beige, black versions that look more versatile and casual.

Is winter ahead or deep autumn? You will be saved by sneakers on a wedge with fur! By the way, in terms of quality, such models are in no way inferior to conventional boots. The platform will add femininity, while remaining comfortable for walking. Shoes, decorated with fur on the outside, will emphasize your personality.

Sneakers for sale

Always relevant was and remains a metallic shade. Sneakers on the wedge, made in this color, look extraordinary and stylish, but at the same time uncomplicated. Not bad looks also options with gold or silver inserts, flawlessly combined with classic blue or blue jeans, as well as with a silver purse in tone.

If you adore rocker style, then payattention to sneakers on a wedge with rivets. They can be both lacing and comfortable velcro that will not deliver absolutely no trouble. Creative and creative personalities fit sneakers with print. Just do not forget to combine shoes harmoniously with other things that you wear, otherwise you will look like a motley parrot. To minimize this risk, give preference to black and white laconic prints.

And most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment,mix, change! After all, even if you fail, no one will judge you. Sneakers on a wedge is an excellent option for young, energetic, bright and modern people with a developed sense of style.

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