Wedding dresses with long sleeves - a revived classic

In the last century, all the brides' dresses were withsleeves. This outfit emphasized her elegance and modesty. To us, the fashion for such wedding dresses with long sleeves returned after the stunning wedding ceremony of Kate Middleton and the heir to the British throne of William. Kate opted for a delicate dress with lace sleeves. It was a bit like the masterpiece in which the incomparable Hollywood star Grace Keely was at her wedding.

wedding dress with sleeves long
Today, this style is experiencing a second birth. This is understandable. After all, in addition to the fact that wedding dresses with sleeves are very long, they have a number of functional features.

If your party is scheduled for the cold seasonyear, then this outfit will be very relevant. Many will object and say that you can supplement the open model with a cape made of natural fur or bolero. Of course you can. But why not use the latest trend, because exquisite wedding dresses with sleeves, photos of which are presented in the article, are now so popular.

If the bride has slightly full hands or toonarrow shoulders, then this outfit will correct the existing shortcomings. In addition, it will help to hide from prying eyes not very relevant on such a significant day of tattooing, if any.

Wedding dress with long sleeves is the bestoption for brides who do not want to be too naked. This exquisite outfit looks elegant, chaste and makes a beautiful bride a little mysterious.

wedding dresses with long sleeves

Surely there are people who believe that everythingwedding dresses with long sleeves are similar to each other. This is a misconception. There are a lot of styles and models of such dresses: long and short, narrow and lush, made of heavy silk or flying chiffon. A suitable wedding dress can pick up even the most capricious bride.

Brides who prefer austere classics will be pleased with a gorgeous dress with narrow sleeves and a tapered neckline. This outfit looks very gentle and visually lengthens the neck.

For short and fragile girls, you can recommend straight wedding dresses with sleeves long. They visually draw the figure.

wedding dress with sleeves photo
The model made of guipure will perfectly emphasize the swarthy skin.

For bold girls who are not afraid of experimentation,you can advise short wedding dresses. Such models, of course, fit the owners of a slim figure and beautiful legs. Long sleeves will balance the proportions of the dress, turning it into an original and romantic outfit.

Dresses asymmetrical with one long sleeve are very popular among girls. This model with a slight hint of extravagance will satisfy the needs of the most demanding fashionistas.

For sewing all of the listed models usesuch fabrics as satin, silk, chiffon, lace. But all the same, the palm tree is rightfully owned by dresses with sleeves made of delicate guipure or tulle. They can be embroidered with golden or silver threads, pearls, beads or paillettes.

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