Lomon water from lice. Instructions for the use of corrosive water

How to use the crooked water from lice? You will find the answer to this question in the materials of this article.

general information

What is the most effective anti-pediculosis drug? This question often arises in those parents whose children attend kindergartens or school. After all, most often there is an infection with such an unpleasant disease. Many experts argue that the chinese water from lice can eliminate this ailment with just a few procedures.

lanky water from lice

What is it made of?

About what makes such a tool,knows not everyone. It should be noted that the chinese water from lice is a rather toxic liquid. It is made from the perennial of the lily family - the Jeffrey Lobel.

Botanical description

As you know, such a plant grows very muchhigh, it often reaches two meters, has pale greenish flowers. All parts of this plant, including its fruits, are very poisonous. Even from one touch to the root, a person may experience severe itching and burning. In the future, in this area, all sensitivity is lost.

treatment for lice

If a person accidentally inhales the pollen of such a herb, then soon he begins to sneeze very hard, he has lacrimation, as well as other adverse symptoms.

Where is it used?

In ancient times in the Roman EmpireLobel was often used in agriculture for the rapid poisoning of all kinds of rodents and insects. It should be noted that to this day, this practice has been partially preserved.

In veterinary medicine, with the help of this herb, cattle are treated against parasites. It should be noted and the fact that for pigs and dogs this drug is used as an emetic.

In the official medicine, medicines supplemented withThe cheaters are pretty limited. This is due primarily to the fact that such a plant is very toxic. That is why drugs based on it are used only externally.

How much is it and where is it sold?

If you notice that your child haslice, it is necessary to purchase this remedy in order to avoid the spread of parasites, as well as the infection of other members of the family. It should be noted that it can be purchased in almost any modern pharmacy. How much is the crooked water? The price for 100 milliliters of this liquid varies within the limits of 30-35 Russian rubles.

crockery water price

Does the nit kill?

As you know, nits are called lice eggs, and,According to the instructions attached to the drug, chemic water has a detrimental effect only on sexually mature insects. Consequently, such a liquid will be ineffective if it is applied against nits. Thus, it is recommended to buy it only if your child has lice.

Specific effects on the human body

Lomi water from lice is applied onlyexternally. It should also be noted that it is practically not absorbed into the skin. But if long and actively rub this liquid against insects, the side effects from a toxic agent can make themselves felt pretty quickly.

anti-pediculosis drug

Contraindications for use

Treatment with pediculosis with this drug is prohibited:

  • During pregnancy.
  • When breastfeeding. In the lactation period, the use of chicken water is also prohibited, as this can adversely affect a baby's health.

Instructions for the use of chinese water from lice

Everyone knows that such a liquid can once and for all rid a person of lice. But not everyone knows how such a tool is required to be applied to the scalp.

It should be noted that the use of crooked water from insects follows, carefully following all precautions due to its high toxicity.

So, consider in more detail how to use such a drug on a natural basis to quickly get rid of lice:

  • Before processing the hair (head)toxic toxic water, it is required to strongly shake the acquired flacon. Experts also recommend wearing thick rubber gloves to prevent hand irritation.
  • Before direct application of chemically water on the head, hair is recommended to be rinsed with warm water, but without the use of shampoos or any other detergents.
  • Initially, the remedy for lice should be applied towet hair, and then the skin of the scalp. In this case, it is recommended to pay special attention to the occiput, because there is the largest number of insects there. Another area where this remedy should be applied very carefully is the area behind the ears.
  • After the described actions on the head it is necessary to tie a cotton scarf, and then to put on a light polyethylene hat intended for a shower.
  • After half an hour, it is required to wash wellthe scalp and hair over the entire length several times. Do it preferably under running water using tar tar, which can also be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • at the end of the procedure, it is recommended to comb the hair along the entire length with a fine clean comb. This procedure will allow you to get rid of dead insects.
    instructions for the use of crockery water

As practice shows, one of theseprocedures to get rid of lice. However, to consolidate the result and more efficiency, experts recommend that the event be re-conducted. However, it should be done only after 10 or 12 days. So, those insects that remained after the first procedure (for example, hatched from nits), will finally perish and will not bother you anymore.

Precautionary measures

If during the deposition on the head of crooked wateraccidentally got into the eyes or other mucous membranes, as well as inside the body, a person may have severe allergies or toxic poisoning. In this case, experts recommend thoroughly rinsing out external areas with water. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.

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