The drug "Bacteriophage polyvalent": the destruction of viruses in a few hours

Which medicine to choose, if the causedisease is a pathogenic microflora? There are many antibiotics, and sometimes even little information about bacteriophages is available to doctors. The drugs were undeservedly forgotten in the 70's, and only recently they were interested.

Like the antibiotic, the drug "Bacteriophagepolyvalent "acts directly on microbes, however, unlike its fellow, it does not destroy the normal microflora, it does not violate the natural balance, it only destroys pathogenic microorganisms.This selective point effect is caused by the nature of the appearance of bacteriophages.

Having met on its way a microbial cell, the drug"Bacteriophage polyvalent" penetrates into it and acts in such a way that the reproduction of new phages begins, which tear the cell membrane and with even greater numbers attack microbes. Getting rid of harmful microorganisms occurs in a matter of hours.

Phages are called the names of those microbes that theythey attack. Today, produce salmonella, dententirial, typhoid, staphylococcal, pseudomonas, klebsiella, proteus, streptococcal, coli and other bacteriophages.

There are also drugs that are in the complexhave a set of several phages to different pathogens at the same time, for example, the preparation "Sextafag piobacteriophage polyvalent", which includes the phages of six bacteria. Pyobacteriophages are used to treat purulent, septic diseases, intestibacteriophages are used to control intestinal infections.
Clinical practice shows effectivenesstreatment, when the "Bacteriophage polyvalent" agent is used to eliminate infectious diseases of the gastric and intestinal system, inflammations of the sinuses of the nose, oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, genitourinary system and other ailments caused by bacteria.

In addition to combating diseases, bacteriophages are usedfor preventive purposes, for the prevention of infections. Preparations do not contain toxins and have no contraindications for use. They can be combined with various medicines. The medicine "Bacteriophage polyvalent" will help pregnant and lactating women, as well as children at any age, including premature. The main condition for successful use is the study of the isolated culture (microorganism) on the sensitivity to a certain type of phage.

One can note an amazing regularity: the sensitivity of strains of bacteria to phages has a stable state and even some upward trends. This is due to the enrichment of medications with new phage species.
So, the staphylococcal bacteriophage during the day can lyse more than 90 percent of the same microbes that are secreted in purulent inflammatory diseases.

In addition to human use, bacteriophages are actively used to treat animals. So, very effectively rid cows of mastitis, prescribing drugs locally or inward.

The remedy starts working in two hoursafter its application, it is very important, especially for resuscitation of the patient. Those who used the drug "Bacteriophage polyvalent", reviews about the drug leave only positive. The drug penetrates into the lymph, blood and is excreted by the kidneys, simultaneously, affecting the urinary tract.

Bacteriophages have some qualitative andquantitative characteristics. Thus, the activity of the drug is determined by the degree of its dilution, as a result of which the sensory test culture is completely lysed. Marking 10 in the 6th shows that the phage can increase by 1 million times. Keep the drugs in a dark place at a temperature of about 5 degrees. Liquid forms of bacteriophages with proper storage remain active for a decade.

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