Glycine: instructions for use

In pharmacology, glycine is positioned as a biotic(as opposed to antibiotics), which is appointed in order to normalize and activate in the brain tissues the course of metabolic, that is, metabolic processes. If you read the information "Glycine. Instruction", you can find out that these pills are almost an antidepressant, raising the mood, reducing conflict, aggressiveness, a sense of anxiety, deciding problems with sleep. In addition, the drug has antioxidant properties, due to which the human body acquires the ability to combat the effects on it of various toxic substances (in particular alcohol and certain drugs).

Our life is really very tense, and ourThe brain sometimes can not cope with its frantic rhythm. Problems at work, in the family, the upcoming passing examinations at the university or defense of the diploma, the instability of the financial situation, the need to pay loans ... Yes, there is still a lot to happen !. And if a person needs to calm nerves or, conversely, concentrate, glycine will come to the rescue, instruction which must be read carefully.

Physicians prescribe this drug in order toIncrease the patient's resistance to stress, and to restore mental performance. Glytsin, the instruction to which says that it can help a lot with vegetative-vascular disorders (in particular, women in menopause), also smoothes out the vivid manifestation of brain disorders in ischemic strokes and craniocerebral trauma. This biotic is also able to facilitate the social adaptation of a person to new conditions of life or work, to improve communication skills.

If you bought glycine, its summary containsinformation that the drug is indicated for use in childhood. Indeed, the biotic began to be prescribed to young patients about 10 years ago, when the properties of these pills were fully studied. Doctors came to the conclusion that violations in the work of the central nervous system are safer to begin to be treated with easier means, rather than "heavy artillery" in the form of psychotropic drugs. In view of the fact that many parents today face such a problem as a child's hyperactivity, pediatricians recommend glycine for use just to reduce the excitability of the child's nervous system, to facilitate the process of falling asleep, to develop perseverance, learning and attention during schooling. In general, "Glitsin, instruction" offers an even wider use of the drug in children's practice, starting with the treatment of brain disorders of various kinds, for example, fetal hypoxia during childbirth or during pregnancy, and ending with the consequences of brain trauma, all kinds of neuroses (from nervous tics and before panic attacks).

Used glycine and to helpnarcological patients. The drug will help to cope with excessive excitability of the nervous system, to remove the withdrawal syndrome (simply a hangover) in people with a pronounced dependence on alcohol and even somewhat contribute to reducing the craving for consuming gradesoderzhaschih drinks.

Despite the detailed description of the instructions forin each case, the method of administration, glycine should be taken according to the scheme determined by the treating doctor for the patient. These pills are released in the pharmacy network without a prescription, but any medicine, not just this biotic, should be started only after consulting a doctor. Even after reading the information on contraindications in the information "Glycine. Instruction", one should consult a doctor about the possibility of taking these tablets.

The active substance in glycine isaminoacetic acid, processed by special technology into microcapsules, and the tablet shell consists of methylcellulose. With extreme caution, the drug is allowed to be used in patients with hypertension.

Always remember that self-medication is easier to hurt yourself than to help.

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