How is an anal fissure treated? Treatment of a crack in the anus in children and adults

To date, according todoctors-proctologists, they are drawn to a lot of people suffering from cracks in the anus. Moreover, this problem is one of the most common in patients of different age groups. Anal fissures can be an independent phenomenon that occurs as a result of the action of any traumatic factors. Also very often this problem accompanies various diseases (disorders in the digestive tract, stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, hemorrhoids, etc.). How we treat the fissure of the anus, we'll talk further. However, once I want to draw attention to the fact that in no case should not fight this ailment on its own, even despite the presence of a mass of folk remedies. After all, only a qualified physician is able to assess the severity of the disease and to prescribe an adequate method of dealing with it.

how to treat an anal fissure

What are the anal fissures

As a rule, with the diagnosis in thisthere are no problems. Symptoms of an anal fissure are easily recognizable, and the doctor can quickly detect them even during a quick examination of the patient. As a rule, the length of a crack does not exceed one and a half centimeters. More often than not, defects are superficial, but there are also deep injuries that bring people great pain and suffering. In most cases, cracks appear in the lower or upper part of the anus. With their occurrence, it becomes damaged and becomes a very painful and sensitive epithelium around the anus. Much less often, cracks can appear on the walls of the anal canal.

cracks treatment in the anus

Cracks in the anus: symptoms and signs

In the vast majority of cases, the emergence ofSuch a disease is accompanied by rather painful sensations. Each act of defecation leads to the appearance of sharp pain, the consequence of which is a prolonged spasm of the sphincter. This process only aggravates the course of the disease, since spasm seriously slows the healing of the crack. Be sure to keep in mind that if the first symptoms do not come to the doctor, the disease can become chronic. And if in the case of an acute form it is often possible to do just using a special healing ointment or suppositories, then in most cases it is possible to conquer the chronic disease only with the help of surgical intervention.

What distinguishes the chronic stage of the disease from acute

Before you learn about how to treat a crackanus, suggest to understand the forms of this ailment. So, the acute form of the disease is characterized by concomitant painful sensations. It is diagnosed in the event that the crack appeared no more than three weeks ago and has even edges without signs of scars. In this case, the cracks in the anus are not very difficult to treat. For this, drugs are used to relieve painful sensations and contribute to the acceleration of tissue regeneration. The chronic form is diagnosed if the crack appeared in the patient more than a month ago, and the conservative therapy was not successful. In this situation, often performed a surgical operation, during which the crack is excised with a scalpel or laser. The chronic form is very dangerous, as it often leads to complications, and is also accompanied by scar scarring of the edges of the crack and the appearance of the so-called "watchdog". One of the most serious consequences of this disease is a purulent paraproctitis, which occurs as a result of getting into the damaged area of ​​infection.

anal fissure symptoms

Why this disease occurs

Causes of cracks in the anus can be different. Here are the most common of them:

- Diseases of the digestive tract: for example, enterocolitis, colitis, ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, hemorrhoids and others. By the way, with hemorrhoids, about half of patients in the second to third stage have cracks in the anus.

- Constipation and diarrhea. If a person suffers from chronic constipation, sooner or later acts of defecation become more traumatic for him. The same applies to diarrhea, which creates a very serious burden on the sphincter.

- Incorrectly performed medicalsurvey. In the event that procedures such as colonoscopy and anoscopy have been unsuccessful, the mucosa in the anus of the patient's anus can be traumatized.

- Mechanical injuries (including those inflicted during anal sex).

- Pregnancy and childbirth. From cracks in the anus, women often suffer during the period of gestation, as well as after childbirth. The reason for this is increased pressure in the pelvic area. In this case, patients need special attention of the doctor, since the treatment should be as safe as possible so as not to harm the baby.

Can children be sick?

Most people believe that a similar problemis the prerogative of adults and old people. However, children can suffer from such an affliction. And absolutely all ages: from babies to teenagers. But still the anus of the anus in children is less common than in adults. If, however, such a nuisance has happened to your baby, you should immediately consult a doctor to start treatment as soon as possible. After all, the disease can go to a chronic stage and lead to serious consequences. Treatment of a crack in the anus in a child should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor. After all, when it comes to children, analgesia plays a very important role. The drugs intended for this purpose must be selected competently in accordance with the age of the child.

anus fracture in children

How is an anal fissure treated?

In the event that a similar ailment overtook you recently,when examined, the doctor in most cases diagnoses an acute form of the disease and prescribes conservative treatment. It involves the use of sedentary baths, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory suppositories and ointments. In addition, doctors recommend that patients do an easy exercise, walk more and, if possible, swim in the pool. Lifting weights should be avoided. In addition, if a patient suffers from constipation, he is recommended to adhere to a certain diet, so as not to cause problems again. So, we suggest to understand more in detail, than to treat cracks in the anus.

Sitting baths

Patients are prescribed this procedure in order,to remove the spasm of the sphincter. On the day it is recommended to make two or three baths lasting 15-20 minutes. To prepare for the procedure, add a solution of potassium permanganate into warm water. Recipes for trays are also available in folk medicine. So, it is recommended to use decoctions of medicinal plants, such as chamomile, calendula and yarrow. These herbs have antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Baths should be done after each bowel movement, as well as in the morning and in the evening. After this procedure, it is necessary to get wet the area of ​​the anus with a soft cloth, and then use the prescribed candles or ointment prescribed by the doctor.

than to treat anus fissures


As a rule, they are carried out for twoweeks in the evening. To do this, you must mix in equal quantities sea buckthorn oil and chamomile broth. About 50 ml of this solution is syringed and injected into the rectum, where the liquid should be kept as much as possible. In addition to this solution, the following can be used for microclysters:

- broths of St. John's wort, chamomile, oak bark, flax seed or sage;

- honey water (a tablespoon of honey is dissolved in half a glass of boiled water);

- little rose hips, sea buckthorn or fish oil;

- gel "Solcoseryl" (a tube of a drug dissolves in warm water and is injected into the rectum).

from cracks in the anus

Ointments and candles

Treatment of a crack in the anus is unthinkable withoutapplication of topical preparations. As a rule, in this case, the same candles are used as for fighting hemorrhoids. They help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce sphincter tension and heal damaged areas of the mucosa. Candles must be injected into the anus after the act of defecation, appropriate hygienic procedures and a warm, sedentary bath. In a day it is recommended to use two candles, one of which is desirable to remain inside the rectum at night. Ointments are also widely used. They are recommended to be injected into the anus through a gauze swab impregnated with the drug, or to use a bandage with the drug, bandaged to the anus at the location of the crack. Some physicians advise their patient to use feminine hygiene tampons for these purposes. In this case, the smallest size should be selected.


In the composition of drugs that are part of this group,As a rule, there is an analgesic, which helps alleviate pain in the anus. Most often, the following medicines are used for this: "Anestezol", "Betiol" with belladonna extract, "Salofalk", "Ultraprotect", "Proctaglyvenol", suppositories with calendula or glycerin and ichthyol suppositories.

causes cracks in the anus

Anti-inflammatory and wound-healing preparations

These drugs help to cure the fissures of the anus and prevent the development of complications. This group includes the following drugs for rectal administration:

- Candles "Relief" (the medicine contains shark liver oil, which provides analgesic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects).

- Candles with propolis. This drug can be bought in a pharmacy, and can be prepared independently at home. To do this, grate on a fine grater with propolis, mix it with butter and melt in a water bath. Then the mass is poured into molds and sent to the refrigerator for freezing.

- Candles with methyluracil. These drugs have a very effective wound healing effect.

- Candles "Natalside". These suppositories do not contain hormones and other harmful components in their composition, so they can be used to treat anal fissures in women both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.

- Candles "Posterizan". The composition of this drug includes inactivated bacteria of the intestine and products of their vital functions. Thanks to this, the drug helps to increase the body's immune defenses and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

- Rectal suppositories "Hamamelis". This drug belongs to the group of homeopathic preparations on a plant basis.

- Candles "Gepatrombin G". This drug helps to stop bleeding in the damaged area of ​​the mucosa, and also has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Spasmolytic drugs

In order to relieve the spasm of the sphincter, patientsprescribe ointments containing nitroglycerin, or suppositories with papaverine. They help to reduce muscle tension, which, in turn, accelerates the healing process of the mucosa.

Operative intervention

How to treat an anal fissure in an acutestage, we sorted it out. But what if the disease has become chronic? In this case, conservative medical therapy no longer brings any results, and the doctor decides on surgical intervention. During the operation, excision of the damaged area is performed. Thanks to this, it is quickly and efficiently possible to return the disease to the acute stage, which allows continuing treatment with conservative methods.


Both during the acute stage of the disease, and inpostoperative period, the patient must definitely pay special attention to his diet. It is necessary to include in the menu sour-milk products, fruits, vegetables, as well as bran and whole wheat bread. In addition, you should drink plenty of fluids.

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