Gonorrhea in men: treatment and symptoms of various forms of the disease

Infectious disease, caused by gonococcus andtransmitted mainly during sexual intercourse - is gonorrhea. In men, the treatment of a disease depends on its type and form. Gonococci primarily affect the genito-urinary tract and its adnexa. That is why the first symptoms of infection are slight burning and itching in the urethra. This feature can be supplemented by the appearance of mucous secretions. Then the inflammation builds up, and after 3-4 days already develops acute urethritis.

gonorrhea in men treatment
Gonorrhea: symptoms in men

Treatment of the disease should begin as soon as possibleearlier, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention in time to the emerging symptoms. Anterior urethritis in acute course causes pain during urination, intense reddening of the external zone of the urethra, soreness and swelling, abundant discharge of purulent contents. Erection may cause pain.

Sometimes gonorrhea in men (treatment of a diseasemust necessarily implement a venereal disease) is characterized by mild symptoms, manifested only in the form of minor discharge and light pain, sometimes not even noticeable to the patient. In this case, the disease already from the very beginning takes on a chronic form. There is also an opposite development of events, when urethritis is very violent. Inflammation is expressed very strongly: the penis is swollen and remains in a semi-stressed state, when it feels, intense pain arises, from the urethra there are abundant discharge, they can be with blood impurities. In addition, the condition worsens as a whole, the temperature rises.

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A sign of posterior urethritis is frequenturination, sometimes every 15 minutes. Usually it is accompanied by pain and secretion of a small amount of blood. At the same time, the purulent content is practically or completely absent due to leakage into the bladder. This type of disease can also occur without causing severe symptoms. Gonorrhea in men, whose treatment is started in a timely manner, in most cases is limited to anterior urethritis. If therapy is delayed or unsuccessful, the disease can become chronic, which is fraught with the spread of it to the entire body and the occurrence of various complications. In this case, the disease almost does not disturb the patient, the pus from the urethra is observed very weak.

gonorrhea symptoms in men treatment
Treatment of gonorrhea in men

Preparations with an antibiotic content are used inas the main method of therapy. The choice of a particular medication depends on a number of conditions: the nature and prevalence of the disease, the stability of gonococci, the general condition of the patient, the presence of complications, etc. Antibiotics of the penicillin series are often used, they are administered intramuscularly. With individual intolerance to such medications, antibiotics of the tetracycline series are used. Typically, 7-10 days is enough to stop showing symptoms. Gonorrhea in men, whose treatment is quite long, is present in the body until the gonococcus in the secretions disappears completely. It also happens that even if the pathogen is not detected during laboratory diagnosis, the inflammation continues in the genitourinary system. Then it is necessary to make an additional examination and continue the treatment. Only if the gonococcus for a long time in laboratory studies is not found, we can consider the patient cured of gonorrhea.

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