SHGG (hormone) in women, in men. Globulin, connecting the sex hormones: function, norm and pathology

Hormonal balance is very important for anyhuman body. It is hormones that regulate almost all life processes. Deviation from the norm strongly affects human health. No less important is the SHBG (hormone). It is necessary for both men and women. Only depending on sex, its level and meaning are different.

gscg hormone

What is SHGG?

GSBG stands for "globulin bindingsex hormones. "This substance binds to testosterone, which enters the blood.It should be noted that the substance itself is a protein, and its connection with testosterone is called" synthesis of SHBG. "The development of the globulin occurs with hepatic tissue.

It is believed that the male body of the hormoneaffects more than women. The fact is that with its increase, the level of estrogen (a female hormone) is significantly increased. And if a woman does not immediately notice abnormalities in her body, then in men with a strong increase, the breast increases, and the fat tissue begins to be distributed according to the female type.

Why there is a deviation in the body? This question can not be answered for sure. The increase and decrease in the level of SHBG occurs due to different pathologies.

gspg hormone what is it in women

The hormone in the male and female body

The content of any substance in the human body directly depends on the sex and age of the patient. GSG - a protein of blood plasma - is no exception.

Age (years)The norm for women (nmol / l)The norm for men (nmol / l)

When men need to pass an analysis to determine the level of SHBG?

As a rule, the appointment for the delivery of analysis fordetermination of the level of globulin, which binds sex hormones, occurs rarely. Determines the presence of pathologies in the main testosterone. SHGS does not bear practically no load at all. However, there are also situations where the definition of this substance in the blood of men is simply necessary.

Doctors strongly recommend to pass this analysis to men who have the first signs of problems with the reproductive system, there is a decrease in libido, and there are problems with conception of children.

Also, the protein of the plasma of the SHBG (determining its level in the blood) is prescribed when the testosterone level in the male body is within the norm, and there are various disorders.

To external deviations can be attributed acne,chronic inflammatory processes of the prostate, obesity, breast growth, reduction of muscle mass and so on. All these symptoms, as a rule, speak of hormonal disorders.

The causes of abnormality in the male body

It is important to remember that any hormonal abnormality indicates a variety of diseases. Low SHGG (hormone) - what is it in men and what pathologies does it manifest?

  1. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  2. Impaired renal function.
  3. Cushing's syndrome.
  4. Benign tumors of the prostate.

gshpg a hormone what is it such at men

It is important that sometimes the level of this proteininfluences and reception of hormonal preparations by the man. Therefore, doctors advise before giving up the analysis without fail to refuse to take any medicines, and it is better for a few days.

High HSG (hormone) - what is it in men andat what else diseases it is observed? The raised level of a hormone is most often fixed at such pathologies, as a hyperthyroidism, a HIV, AIDS and hepatitises. However, such ailments become known even before the blood is taken to determine the level of hormones.

It is worth noting that experienced doctors appointTo men besides definition of a globulin in a blood still and delivery of the analysis on quantity of testosterone. If the diagnosis is really available, then at a high index of SHBG testosterone will be low in the male body, and if the globulin is, on the contrary, little, then testosterone is present in excess.

Why do women have a higher SHBG than a strong half?

Any proteins in the human body are synthesized in the liver. When a person's liver is healthy, and with hormones, as a rule, problems do not arise.

blood plasma protein

In the female body, much more estrogen thantestosterone. The first hormone increases the synthesis of globulin, and the second - reduces. Consequently, the sex of the sex is in excess of the hormone SHGG. What is responsible for this substance in women?

  1. For the normal operation of the ovaries.
  2. Normal ovulation.
  3. Healthy condition of the entire reproductive system as a whole.

What factors influence the result and how is the analysis carried out?

There are several factors that can distort the analysis. In this case, decreases or rises in the blood of SHBG (a hormone). What is this in women and how to avoid the wrong result?

  1. To interpret the level of substance, it is important to take into account the patient's age.
  2. With distorted results, it is necessary to further determine the level of testosterone and estrogen in the body.
  3. When the liver is in poor condition, the result may differ from the norm.
  4. Disorder of thyroid function can also affect the level of SHBG.
  5. Excess weight of the patient negatively affects the final result of the analysis.
  6. When giving blood to determine the level of SHBG is not recommended for several days to use any hormonal drugs. For the purity of the result, it is advisable to stop drinking any medicines altogether.

Often, doctors prescribe a determination of the level of the IST instead of an analysis for SHBG (a hormone). What it is for women will be described below.


To determine the globulin that binds the genitalhormones, only venous blood is used (not more than 10 ml). The fence is made only on an empty stomach. It is forbidden to use even tea and coffee, but water, if desired, is not excluded. For a day, it is better to exclude physical and emotional stress. Do not drink alcohol and smoke the day before. For three days it is forbidden to use hormonal drugs and have sex.

Determining the level of ICT

As mentioned earlier, the analysis for the definitionthe level of globulin is very rarely prescribed. Women are more likely to have a definition of the level of IST (free testosterone index). Based on laboratory studies, you can accurately determine the amount in the body of male hormones.

As a rule, such a test completely replacesanalysis on SHGG (hormone), but not always. Most of the testosterone in women is elevated, but if this figure is below the norm, then an analysis is assigned to determine the level of globulin that binds the sex hormones.

Diseases in which abnormalities are noted

Now it is necessary to understand, at what pathologies GSG (hormone) is lowered or elevated.

testosterone gspg

A high level of globulin, as a rule, happens in such cases:

  • if there is a large amount of estrogen in the blood;
  • if hepatitis is transferred;
  • if pathology of parathyroid gland is found;
  • if the patient takes hormonal oral contraceptives for a long time;
  • in rare cases, a high level depends on the constitution of the person.

Reduced protein in the blood says:

  • on the violation of the kidneys;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • Cushing's disease;
  • PCOS;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • presence of acromegaly.

Necessary treatment

To determine the exact level of protein in the bloodit is strongly recommended to take an assay for SHBG (a hormone) several times. Only on the basis of several laboratory tests, an experienced doctor can suspect a diagnosis. It is worth noting that increasing or lowering the globulin in the blood is only a symptom of the disease, the true cause of the change needs to be found and treated.

In cases where a high level is detectedprotein in the blood, drugs are prescribed to reduce it. All of them are called corticosteroids. These drugs can be administered in the form of injections or tablets. For the increase of SHBG in the blood, statins are prescribed.

hormone gspg for what is responsible for women

If the globulin of a person is below or above the norm, then in the first place, a detailed diagnosis should be assigned to him. It is necessary to examine the thyroid gland, pelvic organs and abdominal cavity.

When a person has already been violated oncean index of SHBG in the blood, it is recommended to monitor this indicator for the rest of life and keep the level of estrogen in the norm. For women and men the norm of estrogens is different. It is worth noting that if the estrogen in the blood is elevated, then the globulin will also be high. Estrogen suppresses normal muscle growth. The body becomes flabby over the years, and the person loses physical strength.

Some drugs that increase the level of SHBG in the blood and normalize testosterone:

  • "Also";
  • "Toremifene";
  • "Clomifen".

Drugs that reduce the globulin count in the blood:

  • Proviron;
  • "Insulin";
  • "Examestane";
  • Anastrazole.
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