The drug "Priorin" - vitamins for the hair. Feedback and instructions for use

Every woman dreams of beautiful thick hair,which do not fall out and do not split. This sometimes seems simply unreal, but if to the issue of hair health go cardinally and in combination with a series for external care to take more vitamins, then in a short time you can grow a decent decent head of hair with a healthy shine and excellent condition.

Are there vitamins for the hair? The answer to this question is looking for a huge number of fashionable women. And such a drug, thanks to which the chic hair grow, does exist. The drug "Priorin" - vitamins for the hair, the reviews of which confirm their effectiveness.

priorin vitamins for hair reviews

Who can take vitamins for hair

Statistics show that 50% of men in thirtyyears begin to grow bald, and if to speak about women, split, brittle and exhausted hair is a problem, not dependent on age. In such cases, to deal with hair loss and other hair problems only with the help of masks and balms is practically useless. The lack of vitamins and trace elements, and this is the main cause of unhealthy head of hear, must be filled from the inside.

This drug can be taken by both men and women. Children can drink these vitamins from the age of 14.

Description of the preparation

What is so good about "Priorin" - vitaminsfor hair? Instruction for the use of the drug says that it is a complex tool that helps to cope not only with the problem of hair loss, but also improves the skin and nails.

Are there side effects of the drug "Priorin"? Vitamins for hair, reviews of patients and specialists confirm this, do not have a negative effect on the body.

prenol vitamin for hair instructions

Action of the medicine

Vitamin complex in the drug strengthensand nourishes the hair follicle, so that even the "sleeping" bulbs become more active. Therefore, not only the problem of hair loss is solved, but in general the hair becomes thicker and stronger. Vitamins for hair "Priorin" act thanks to active natural components. There is nothing special about these ingredients, they are elements and substances that have been known to the world for decades. The composition of the complex vitamin preparation gives the hair a full nutrition, normalizes the growth, humidity and structure of each hair separately.

In addition, the action of the drug "Priorin"the composition of which perfectly influences the health of the hair, promotes the restoration of the scalp, improves the blood supply to the hair bulbs, and provides adequate nutrition. Thanks to this drug, you can completely get rid of dandruff and peeling of the skin, and special ingredients not only promote renewal, but also protect against toxins, making hair elastic and durable.

vitamins for hair

There is also a special reinforced formvitamin complex "Priorin Extra". The instruction to this drug speaks about the greater activity of the main components of the vitamin complex, due to which the more intense nutrition of the hair follicles and skin occurs.

Structure of the preparation

Vitamins for hair "Priorin" consist of suchIngredients: millet, wheat germ oil, B group vitamins, L-cystine structural element, as well as pantothenic acid and biotin. In a complex these components possess the strongest strengthening action, nourish bulbs and the entire core of the hair, filling it with vital elements.

What is so good about the composition of the drug "Priorin"? Vitamins for hair, instructions for use contain this information, include ingredients that are selected in such a way as not only to meet the nutritional needs of hair follicles, but also to normalize metabolic processes that could be disrupted due to hormonal changes in the body.

a priori composition

Of course, someone can argue, they say, asthe drug can improve the condition of the hair, if at the genetic level, baldness was laid down, for example, by the age of 30. To this, the specialists have a very reasonable explanation, which is that a constant full-fledged diet will not allow to deteriorate the condition of the hair follicles, which from the lack of useful elements in the body simply die off.

In what dosage are the active ingredients in the preparation "Priorin"? Capsules contain the following components:

  • millet extract - 140 mg;
  • wheat germ oil - 271 mg;
  • L-cystine-2 mg;
  • pantothenic acid 9 mg.

Indications for use

By the action of active components is not difficultguess at what conditions it is necessary to resort to taking the drug. First of all, this is baldness, both male and female. Vitamins "Priorin", the composition of which helps to restore hair well, can be drunk and with their slow growth. Of course, this tool will perfectly help to cope with such a common problem, as fragility, split ends of hair and thinning of the rod.

How to achieve a positive result of treatment

For greater effect, you must excludeinflammatory processes in the body, because of which there may be problems with the hair. Therefore, a doctor's consultation before the course of therapy is mandatory. In the presence of inflammatory processes, it is necessary to sanitize the foci of infection and only then start to restore the hair with vitamins.

extra instructions

Ways of reception

How should I take Priorine? Vitamins for hair, reviews of people who took this medicine, it is confirmed, it is necessary to drink, strictly adhering to the instructions.

It is very important to drink the first two capsules in the firsthalf a day, since it is during this period that the hair bulb absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients. It is at this time that it will be expedient to give the body a charge of useful elements by taking capsules "Priorin". How to take this medicine and when will it improve? The developers assure that the improvement can be observed a few days after the start of treatment. The course of therapy should be at least 3 months. After 6 months of taking vitamins, you need to take a break.

The reception council:

  • when hair loss, vitamins are prescribed 2 capsules in the morning and 1 before bedtime;
  • with growth disorders and weakened and split hair, the medicine is drunk 1 capsule per day.

Reviews of Vitamins for Hair

Advertising pages of fashion magazines andspecialized forums are simply replete with a number of positive reviews about these vitamins. Trichologists to patients with a problem of hair loss are increasingly prescribed this particular drug. And both doctors and patients confirm the improvement of the structure of the hair shaft and the cessation of hair loss.

Vitamins "Priorin" - a fairly new medicineon the pharmaceutical market, which very quickly won the trust of doctors: they are increasingly appointing therapy with this set of useful elements to their patients and monitoring the positive dynamics of treatment.

What do they say about the preparation "Priorin" (vitamins for hair) reviews of ordinary people?

A huge number of young mothers,that after delivery and lactation, the hair began to drop sharply. And this despite the fact that the diet was constantly attended by fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and porridge. What kind of balms and masks were not used - all is useless. To really get rid of hair loss, only vitamins "Priorin Extra" helped.

Men who drank the drug, mark it as an excellent vitamin complex and say that the head of hear ceases to thin out after two weeks, although before that hair fell in strands.

 vitamins of the priorin instruction

There is a lot of feedback from patients whovitamins appointed trichologist. This group of people also claims that after a month of application the hair has become shiny and elastic, and lifeless tips are more attractive.

There is a mass of positive responses - both frommen, and women, who testify that vitamins "Priorin", the instruction of which does not contain information on the reception for the treatment of nails and skin, have a beneficial effect on their condition.

Apparently, the reviews of patients who completed the coursetreatment with vitamins "Priorin", were satisfied with the result and gave the tool a positive evaluation. Thanks to this complex, many patients were able to solve a lot of cosmetic problems, the treatment of which by external methods was useless. The drug "Priorin" helped to cope with the problem of hair cut, while expensive masks and balms were powerless.


As you know, any drugs with a richcomposition can cause allergic reactions. Not exception and the drug "Priorin", especially if to some components in its composition there is individual sensitivity. It does not apply to pediatrics. It is strictly forbidden to drink this medicine to pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you have any symptoms that resemble an allergic reaction, you should immediately stop taking the capsules and seek help from a doctor. As a rule, in this case, symptomatic treatment is performed.

Allergy can be manifested in the form of spots on the skin, itching of the head and body, a large rash and hives.

priorin capsules

special instructions

To store the vitamin "Priorin" and "Priorin Extra"(the instruction confirms this) no special conditions are required. It is enough to observe the usual conditions with a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees in a dry room without direct sunlight.

Do not take the medicine after the expiration date - it can lead to allergic reactions.

The drug in the pharmacy is dispensed without a doctor's prescription,but before using, you should consult a therapist or trichologist about the need for treatment. Self-medication can adversely affect health and harm the body.

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