Sanatorium "Mineral water-2", Novotersky village, Russia: photo, how to get, reviews

Today we will talk about the well-known resortregion in the Stavropol Territory. On its territory there are unique mineral springs, around which the best health resorts in the entire post-Soviet space have grown. As part of this region there is a small town-resort Zheleznovodsk. The climate here is mountain forest, similar to the Middle Alps. It is very mild: the days are warm, and the nights are slightly cooler. Fresh air and scents of the forest are ideal conditions for excursions and walks. Here is a small, cozy sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2".

health resort mineral waters 2

Going to the road

The first step is to issue a ticket andbook a place. After that, be sure to visit a doctor and take a spa card. Now it remains to think over your way to the sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2". How to get there, you need to look at the starting point. Address of the health resort: city of Mineral waters, pos. Novotersky, st. Beshtagorovskaya, 3. If you get by plane to the city, then you can easily take a taxi to the very gates of the sanatorium. You can get there by train to the station of the same name, and then the shuttle bus No. 101 will take you to the place. This is the most economical way to get to the place.

What is

Sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2" is located 3 kmfrom Zheleznovodsk. It has a territory of 25 hectares. Beauty, peace and tranquility, all this attracts tourists and makes the rest special. The health resort is surrounded by forest

Let's look at what constitutessanatorium "Mineral Waters-2". This is a single complex, which is divided into two blocks. The first residential, the second - medical. Between them they are connected by a warm transition. In the hall you will find a pump room with mineral water. At the same time, 290 people can be treated here. It should be noted that it is necessary to take care of the vouchers in advance. There are so many interested people that you can not buy a ticket at the last minute. This is especially true of the high season in the middle of summer.

sanatorium mineral waters 2

Accommodation of tourists

Depending on the preferences of each guest, there are rooms of different categories:

  • For two tourists are offered comfortable rooms with a bathroom and a shower, two beds. There is a convenient wardrobe to store things and a balcony. In the evenings you can watch satellite TV.
  • Single room completely repeats the first, only here is a single bed.
  • For lovers of comfort there are hugetwo-room, double rooms. There is not only a bedroom, but an entrance hall and a living room, where it is so good to have a rest with the whole family. The soft corner will make every evening even more pleasant.
  • There is a double room "mother and child" with a crib.

Sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2" is differentcomfortable accommodation for tourists. Change of linen is carried out once a week or on request, cleaning of the room is carried out daily. If you need to pat things, then on the floor is a special board and iron.

sanatorium mineral waters 2 settlement

Nutrition in the sanatorium

Because people come here to be treated, theneach of them develops a special diet, which is most suitable for restoring the body's strength. Sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2" (Novotersky) organizes complex meals four or six times a day. Specialists in the field of healthy eating have developed the basic rules of nutrition, which depend on each individual patient. The basis is a special numbered diet for nursing patients, ranging from 0 to 15 numbers. For most patients, four meals are provided. If there is a need, then two more meals can be added, so that the techniques are fractional. Most often, this measure is used when the gastrointestinal tract suffers.

Entertainment of tourists, infrastructure

This is best told about the reviews. Sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2" is a developed health center. There is an excellent gym and a huge sauna, a gym and sports grounds. There is a beautiful winter garden for walking in the cold season. There is a billiards room and a cinema and concert hall, a large library. But most of the time tourists spend in the fresh air. Children can play on a large recreational area, and lovers of fishing will spend a lot of time with a fishing rod. The staff offers a tour desk as well as a sports equipment rental.

health resort mineral waters 2 reviews

Therapeutic base

Sanatorium "Mineral water-2" (settlementNovotersky) provides treatment for patients due to unique natural factors. First of all, these are mineral waters that form deep underground. They have a general strengthening effect and increase immunity. But that is not all. They also have a specific effect that physicians adapt to a particular ailment. Therapeutic baths relieve spasms, normalize blood pressure, have an analgesic effect.

External application of mineral baths is justifiedwith diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This measure allows you to normalize blood pressure and rhythm, and therefore, reduce body wear. Good treatment is provided by treatment on the digestive tract, nervous system and musculoskeletal system, genitals.

mineral water 2 health resort how to reach

Foam baths

It is a novelty, which with great successsanatorium "Mineral water-2" (Novotersky settlement). The photo allows to judge that the treatment and recovery will take place in a well-equipped building, where excellent comfortable conditions are provided. So, what is the foam-liquor bath? This immersion in a dense and soft foam with a thick liquorice extract. They will be especially good at the syndrome of chronic fatigue and neuroses of various origins. The indications are also stomach diseases and urticaria.

Use of medicinal mud

This is another major therapeutic factor, thanks towhich is a powerful recovery. Sanatorium "Mineral Waters-2", the address of which is indicated above, uses a unique technology of mud exposure. This technique allows to exert a thermal effect on the body and effectively introduce into it substances contained in the mud. As a result, after a few sessions, considerable relief is felt.

Indications for use are diseasesthe musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system. There is a powerful soothing effect, internal metabolic processes are normalized. In addition, very good indicators for diseases of the female and male sexual sphere, digestive and respiratory organs.

sanatorium mineral waters 2 address


It has not lost its relevance, despite the fact thatwhen this practice was introduced, no one can say for sure. Leach produces a whole complex of biologically active substances, which have a beneficial effect on the human body. When a doctor puts a leech, it is not just a mechanical extraction of blood from the capillaries above the diseased organ. At the microcirculatory level, important metabolic processes are underway. Medical leech perfectly helps in the treatment of gynecological diseases, inflammatory processes of the uterus and ovaries. She also excelled herself in the treatment of dermatological diseases. Physicians note that, other things being equal, treatment without using these unique creatures takes much longer. In this case, the probability of inflammatory complications is preserved at all stages.

sanatorium mineral waters 2 village


This method of treatment came to us from the East, butToday it is widely used all over the world. Due to the impact on the acupuncture points of the body, changes occur in the corresponding internal organs. This method helps to get involved in the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. Very well works with pain syndrome, migraine and headache, sleep disturbance, anxiety and nervousness, vegetative disorders. It should be noted that only a qualified specialist should perform this procedure, otherwise the benefits will be minimized.

Reviews of the patients of the sanatorium

"Mineral Water-2" works for you no longerfirst decade. Every year, dozens of citizens of Russia and neighboring countries are treated here. Most of them note in their reviews that the sanatorium is their favorite place for them to spend their holidays. Tourists say that it is marked not only by excellent equipment and modernity, but also by a friendly medical team. Qualified doctors, courteous and courteous staff, it is these people who make possible your speedy recovery. Separately it is worth noting the clean air and beautiful nature, which these places are different. Even just going out every day for a walk, you create the conditions for a speedy recovery.

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