What do they give to a child when they vomit? Helpful Tips

Your baby accidentally pulled out or is it very vomiting? Not everyone knows what to do in such unforeseen situations. What do they give to a child when they vomit? How to act? The information provided in this article will help to understand this question.

that give the child when vomiting

Why does the child have nausea and vomiting?

Each parent must haveconcomitant manifestations of poisoning, overeating, overheating or motion sickness while riding in transport. As you can see, the causes of vomiting that appear in the child can be different. Let us analyze the two most common of them.

Food poisoning

It is vomiting in the first place is a signalconsumption of poor-quality food. In this way the body is released from intoxication. And in this case the manifested gag reflex has a significant positive value. Severe nausea can torment the child for a very long time, but it usually passes immediately after the first release from the contents of the stomach with the help of vomiting. Therefore, in this case, it is even more expedient to force it out by doing a rinse.

Brain concussion

After a trauma or a fall, the child often complainsa headache and a feeling of nausea, which can develop into vomiting. If you combine these symptoms, you should immediately call your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and provide timely medical care.

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What is given to a child when vomiting, and what can not be done?

Only after determining the exact causeyou can take any action. In any case, it is necessary to limit the movement of the child, providing him with peace. Excessive activity of the baby (jumping, running, tumbling, etc.) can resume the urge to vomit and intensify nausea. Therefore, ensure that the child has a semi-sitting position. It is not recommended to lie strictly horizontally, as the baby can be choked with vomit. In the absence of appetite, it is undesirable to force feed. Such a forced hunger, for example, in case of poisoning, will only benefit. The lack of food will help the body recover faster after intoxication.

And what is given to the child when vomiting, if there is asevere dehydration of the body? Stop your choice on weak infusions of herbs (dog rose, chamomile, St. John's wort), unsweetened green tea or special preparations based on salts ("Regidron", "Glucosolan", "Oralite"). All these solutions give the baby in small portions (1-2 tsp) every 15-20 minutes.

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How to stop vomiting and whether it is necessary to do this?

Before giving the child any remedy,try to establish the cause of such an organism reaction. What is given to a child during vomiting, for example, because of poisoning? First, you do not need to interfere, because in this way the body is freed from toxins. And the faster the stomach empties of harmful substances, the better. Secondly, while the child has a persistent gag reflex, it is necessary to rinse the stomach thoroughly. Allow the baby to drink at least two glasses of warm water. It is desirable to add a bit of potassium permanganate (until a weak pink color of the liquid is obtained) or baking soda (1/2 tsp per 1 liter). Thanks to these actions, the stomach will quickly free itself from the food pieces that caused the poisoning, and the unpleasant reflex will stop. If necessary, this solution can be drunk repeatedly, until the emetic masses are clean and free of food impurities.

And how to choose a particular medicinefrom vomiting to the child in other cases? Only a doctor who determines the cause of what is happening, can recommend a special solution. Prescribed medications are usually given in small portions at regular intervals.

Try to be more attentive to the health of the baby, in order to avoid unpleasant situations due to possible poisoning.

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