Swollen labia is a sign of illness

Surprise me people who are trying to identifyyour illness or cure it with the help of the Internet. Here and again on one of the forums I came across the question: "Girls, my labia has swelled up! What to do?"

swollen labia
From my point of view, the answer is obvious: you must immediately go to the doctor, and do not practice treatment of the OBS (one grandmother said). Because the reasons for such a tumor can be a lot, and if they do not get rid of, you can at least earn infertility, and as a maximum - a fatal outcome. Okay, if the labia was swollen during pregnancy. This happens because of hormonal changes in the body. The gynecologist himself will be able to notice this and give an explanation. But in other cases, swollen labia may indicate a variety of problems.


So called inflammation of the external femalebodies. Vulvovaginitis can occur due to poor hygiene, unsuitable underwear, thrush. Sometimes it is a consequence of a severe or acute illness, and sometimes it is caused by helminths.

swollen labia what to do
Signs of vulvovaginitis - swollen labia,pain and itching, which are aggravated by changing the position of the body, burning during urination. Aged, vulvovaginitis not cured in time can lead to complete fusion of the labia minora and thereby make the intimate life very painful.


Inflammation of the glands that lie in the vestibulevagina, is dangerous because it can lead to infertility. Inflammation of the Bartholin gland is caused by Trichomonas, Staphylococcus aureus or streptococci, as well as by microbes that can enter the vagina from other organs. Swollen labia, a feeling of swelling during palpation, severe pain in sitting - all this should serve as a stimulus for an urgent visit to the gynecologist.

swollen labia in pregnancy


It can be determined by a large numberfoamy transparent excretions and the smell of rotten fish, which is not washed away even in the shower. This disease is more familiar as vaginal bacteriosis. If it is not treated, then gradually the inflammation will affect all the organs, which can greatly undermine women's health. In addition, not paying attention to swollen labia and itching, a girl runs the risk of infecting a partner.


Swollen labia may appear duringsex. If there is not enough lubricant, then they can be pounded. This in itself is not dangerous, but microbes can get caught in scrapes, and this is a quick way to purulent inflammation. Sometimes the lips can become swollen due to the fact that the lubricant on the condom does not fit the partner and causes her allergies. Usually, edema decreases either by itself or after taking the remedy for allergies. However, in severe cases, the allergy to lubrication can manifest itself in the form of anaphylactic shock, from which the girl may not come out. So, the girls, having discovered in themselves any ailment, including swollen labia, do not wait until the illness passes into the most difficult phase, do not ask for advice on the forums, and immediately go to the doctor. Only it can make you healthy. And the advice of members of the forum is a direct road to complications.

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