What to do if your ears hurt

You never know what a nuisance will happen. For example, at any time the ear can get sick. And what should I do? The best solution is to go to the doctor. But you can not always find time for this. It is necessary to be treated independently. So, what if hurt your ears? Let's review our plan of action.

what to do if my ears ache
First you need to understand why the ear hurts. The most common cause is otitis. Simply put, inflammation. Click on the protrusion in the ear in front of the hole. If the pain intensifies, unfortunately, it is otitis. It is accompanied by "shooting" in the ear, secretion of pus, fever. So, what to do if your ears hurt? With a mild form of otitis, you can get rid of the compress (cut the onion into a fine slurry, heat, wrap in gauze, put on the ear on top, warm with a scarf or handkerchief), but self-treatment does not always help, and sometimes even hurts. In any case, you need to visit a doctor, especially when pus appears.

Another possible cause is tooth decay. Pain in the tooth can be quite sensitive in the ears. Usually it is not constant, pulsating. If you press the tooth, the pain becomes even stronger. What should I do if my ears hurt because of caries? To get rid of it it is possible only in one way: to cure a tooth. So, you need to go to the dentist. But it is easy to relieve the pain. You can not eat cold and hot food, and too hard. Do not put pressure on the tooth. Do not compress the jaw or ear. Do not eat potentially dirty food (seeds, unwashed fruit), it can infect an infection. If the ear hurts too much, you can take an anesthetic, but it's better not to overdo it. Another couple of ways to ease the pain - rinse your mouth with a solution of soda (1 teaspoon per 1 cup warm, but not hot water and a couple drops of iodine) or anoint the tooth with a gruel from onions and garlic.

it hurts my ear

If you have a cold, it can affectan ear. Determine this reason is easy: the pain appears when you eat, brush your teeth or touch your face. It arises suddenly, lasts for a short time, is similar to a shock of a current, is accompanied by spasms of muscles. In this case, it is necessary to calm the nerve. Vitamin B will help. But if the pain does not stop, you urgently need to visit a neurologist.

Sometimes the pain comes along with a cold. What should I do if my ears ache on the background of ARVI? First you need to drip in your nose a medicine that narrows the blood vessels, slightly tilting the head toward the sick ear. Also in the ear can pour special anti-inflammatory drops.

It happens that lays the ears after a visitswimming pool. The feeling is the same as when forming a cork. In such a situation, drip into your ear hydrogen peroxide or petroleum jelly. Try to surround your ear with warmth. If a sulfur plug is formed, you need to buy drops in the pharmacy that soften it, and drip them according to the prescription.

why does my ear hurt
Excess amount of sulfur in the ears is a problem. But its lack is also a problem. In this case, the ear canal is too dry, which can cause the appearance of the fungus, followed by itching. For such problems in the pharmacy there are special antifungal drops. However, remember that it is better to find time to visit a doctor than to engage in self-medication.

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