Asterisks vascular: species, causes of appearance and methods of disposal

Asterisks vascular, in medicine namedtelangiectasias, are an external manifestation of dilated vessels of the upper layer of the skin. They can appear on the face, especially on the wings of the nose, and on the legs. Most often, women have such a problem, in most cases those who have already given birth. In itself, the appearance of vascular asterisks is not evidence of the presence of any dangerous to health diseases. But, you must agree that such manifestations can not be called decorating your appearance, that's why people who are faced with telangiectasias try to get rid of this cosmetic defect in every possible way.

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How do the asterisks look vascular

Teleangiectasias can be venous,capillary or arterial. And depending on the external manifestation, they are divided into point, tree, linear and arachnid. Despite this classification, treatment for all types of vascular asterisks is the same. Linear telangiectasias often appear on the nose, cheeks (reddish color) and legs (red or blue). Asteroid vascular arachnid species consist of a multitude of capillaries diverging in different directions from the central arteriol. They tend to have a red color. Tree-like telangiectasias can be blue or red and manifest mainly on the lower limbs. In general, on the legs, there may be combinations of different types of vascular asterisks. Most often on the inner surface of the thigh are located parallel linear telangiectasias, and on the outside - located along the circumference of the tree.

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Asterisks vascular: causes of appearance

As already mentioned, this phenomenon is greateris typical for women, but it can also occur in men with chronic venous insufficiency. Women develop telangiectasias due to hormonal failures in the body that occur as a result of previous or existing endocrine, gynecological abnormalities, as well as abortions and menopause. Vascular asterisks may appear during pregnancy, since at this time estrogens have a high concentration. But after giving birth (after 1-1.5 months) they disappear without a trace. Also, taking oral contraceptives can cause telangiectasia.

the appearance of vascular asterisks

In order to cure vascular asterisks on the legsointment, a cream or something similar to use, certainly, it is possible, but steady proof effect to achieve hardly will turn out. The defect should be disposed of by such methods as:

  • Electrocoagulation, consisting of cauterizationtelangiectasias fed by a thin electrode high-frequency current. The disadvantage of the method is that there is a thermal damage not only to the dilated vessels, but also surrounding healthy tissues, and this leads to scarring and the formation of areas of de-and hyperpigmentation.
  • Compression flebosclerosis(sclerotherapy). The technique consists in gluing the walls of blood vessels by introducing a special drug into their lumens. As a result, the lumen of the vessels closes, and they are excluded from the blood flow.
  • Laser photocoagulation, implying the sealing of the lumens of blood vessels with the help of a light laser beam.
  • Ozonotherapy, consisting in the removal of telangiectasias by carrying out intravascular injections of a special mixture with a high ozone content.
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