Folk remedies for nail fungus on legs: effective recipes

Fungus is the most unpleasant anda common disease in the world. He can appear at any time, regardless of the age and social status of a person. There are a lot of ways of infection with the fungus. Basically it happens in public places: in swimming pools, baths, saunas. For treatment, folk remedies nail fungus on legs.

ointment against fungus
Eliminate the disease will be long enough. It all depends on the degree of damage to the skin and nails. Sometimes it is impossible to get by with folk recipes alone and it is necessary to combine them with antifungal therapy. Alternative medicine recommends taking foot baths, as well as applying self-made lotions and ointments.

Before applying the medicine to the patientplace, it should be cleaned for a start, then you can use such folk remedies from the fungus of nails on your legs, like juice and onion pulp. The first one can be treated with the skin affected by the fungus, and the second one is used to apply to the areas between the fingers. Wipe the sore spots with an alcohol tincture of propolis. An excellent tool against fungus is the usual iodine. The medicine needs to be wiped off necessary areas, and also to drip it on sick nail plates. The procedure is desirable to be carried out daily for a month, and iodine should be used in the morning and evening.

ointment from the foot fungus
In addition, you can advise and such folkremedies for nail fungus on the legs, like the leaves of the Kalanchoe, which are applied to the diseased plate. You can fix them with a plaster. Lemon juice helps to eliminate the yeast fungus. In complex treatment, coffee helps a lot. It is enough simply to brew a drink without sugar and hold the feet for a while in it. Good cope with the disease garlic. At the same time, it can be applied to the affected skin, and also to drink in the form of tea and broth.

From garlic, you can also prepare a specialointment against the fungus. To do this, dilute the crushed product with alcohol (more than 90%) and water. All ingredients should be taken in equal quantities. This remedy is very effective even if the disease can not be eliminated with antibiotics. Lubricate damaged areas every day until complete recovery.

folk remedies for nail fungus on legs
Help and such folk remedies against fungusNails on the legs, like juice celandine and birch. They should only wipe the sore spots until they are completely cured. Most often it takes about 90 days. Also it is possible to treat the places affected by the fungus with alcohol infusions of lilac flowers. To do this, you need to mix a small spoon of the finished raw material with 200 ml of pure alcohol or vodka. The mixture should be infused in a dark place for about 14 days.

Also such an ointment from the foot fungus can help: Peppermint leaves are crushed and kneaded with a pinch of salt. Apply this tool should be on the affected areas, especially between the toes. The lotion is aged for about an hour. The procedure should be carried out until complete recovery. You can also make foot baths from the decoctions of such herbs: chamomile, marigold, verbena, horsetail of the field and oak bark.

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