The use of the drug "Diprospan": analogues, treatment features

Among medicines that can provideanti-inflammatory effect in combination with the maintenance of immunity, there are not so many specific drugs that cope better than "Diprospan", analogues of which are also widely used in various diseases. When choosing a medicine, it is necessary to take into account similar pharmacological properties and take into account the individual tolerability of medicines.

The peculiarities of this group of drugs include,perhaps, a combination of anti-allergenic effects with anti-inflammatory effect. With the suppression of the body's immune function, it would be logical to assume that the inflammatory processes from this will progress, however, this is not true. Doctors prescribe "Diprospan", analogues of this drug and additional medications in the presence of the following diseases.

Inflammatory processes in soft tissues, muscles,joints and bones, this includes all kinds of arthritis, arthrosis and bursitis. Well the drug has shown itself in the treatment of torticollis, ankylosing spondylitis, coccidonia, fasciitis, epicodylitis, ganglionic cyst. No less successfully used "Diprospan", analogues of the drug and additional medications in the treatment of various allergic reactions, including skin rashes and respiratory tract. For dermatological diseases of various nature and connective tissue diseases, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and lupus erythematosus, injections of the drug can be used in the dosage prescribed by the physician. Widely used "Flosteron", "Diprospan" and other drugs of this group for the treatment of adrenocortical insufficiency, it is necessary to use mineralocorticoids in combination. If necessary, GCS therapy, the doctor prescribes glucocorticosteroid preparations in accordance with the course of the disease, personal characteristics of the patient and medical indications.

The active substance used in GCStherapy, is betamethasone sodium phosphate, it is the drug "diprospan", analogues of which are also prescribed strictly as deep intramuscular injections. The active substance is excreted, mainly by the kidneys, literally within 24 hours, therefore, if a rapid discontinuation of the drug is necessary, the therapeutic effect of withdrawal is observed immediately. The same effect is observed with the appointment of the drug, within an hour all the injected drug is hydrolyzed and enters the circulatory system. Thus, "Diprospan", the synonyms of which are usually represented by such names as "Flosteron", "Diprofos" and "Betamethasone", can be considered a medicine with a rapid onset of therapeutic effect.

Issued "Diprospan" in the form of a solution orsuspension for injection, the substance can be injected into the joints, but the usual use is considered a deep intramuscular injection. For a prick, a large muscle is selected, and it is highly desirable that adjacent tissues are not affected. In no case should intravenous or subcutaneous injection be allowed. Be sure to take into account the specific GCS therapy, in which the "Diprospan" is appointed: this drug is prescribed in critical situations, when a positive effect is needed as quickly as possible. If the positive effect is not observed after the expiration of a certain time period, the appointment is reviewed, and a drug with an active substance of another group is prescribed. Introduction of an anesthetic together with "Diprospan" is possible, but in most cases there is no such need. On the contrary, with acute bursitis with pronounced pain syndrome, the introduction of a suspension into the joint bag facilitates rapid relief.

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