A heavy sleeping pill is a medicine or a slow killer?

Thousands of people take different sleeping pillsdrugs, sometimes without thinking their lives. Unfortunately, many of these drugs are addictive, and gradually without them it becomes difficult for a person to contact with surrounding people and work, nervousness increases. Many in this case go on the wrong path, beginning to take more and more potent sleeping pills, and thereby only exacerbate the problem, so much so that it becomes difficult for the doctor to prescribe adequate and safe treatment.

Insomnia is called any sleep disorder: a person can either fall asleep long and badly, or suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, or sleep superficially and uneasy. Gradually, fatigue and weakness accumulate, because the dream never comes. Then a person is ready to drink the most potent sleeping pills, just to forget to let the heavy and unhealthy, but still a dream. By the way, sleep after taking pills is really hard, but many believe that it's better that way, than in any way. Let us dwell in more detail on the effect of this type of medicines on our body.

The very word "sleeping pills" in Latin is literallymeans "hypnotic" (the god of sleep was called Hypnos in Greece and Ancient Rome). These are not only drugs that can cause sleep, but also can prolong its duration and affect the quality. In addition, a potent hypnotic also has an analgesic effect. How much it will be useful or harmful for the body depends on the correct dosage and selection of the drug, but a truly quality treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor. In general, the term "potent sleeping pills" is in some way nonsense, because a potent drug is any sleeping pills.

Medicine now has a mass of similar facilities. These are different

- sedatives that facilitate the onset of sleep and affect its quality;

- barbiturates - drugs that can be addictive;

- drugs based on benzodiazepine, which inhibit the normal functioning of the nervous system and cause drug addiction.

The strongest are the derivativesbenzodiazepine: preparations "Triazolam", "Temazepam", "Flurazepam". All these medicines have many contraindications and negative side effects, and assigning them to oneself is quite dangerous. For example, increasing the duration of a course of taking a medication "Triazolam" can lead to anterograde amnesia (a disease in which a person well remembers old events, but forgets what happened recently). The drug "Flurazepam" can cause ataxia - a disorder of coordination, when a person is not able to maintain body balance in different positions. This medicine should be used with extreme caution and in minimal doses.

More gentle is the "Chloralhydrate", which does not apply to barbiturates and has less negative effects on the body. But it also has a bad effect on the liver and can be addictive.

The drug "Phenazepam", whichrefers to tranquilizers. Doctors appoint it often enough for violations of the autonomic nervous system, mental disorders and sleep. But this medicine also has many side effects, and negatively affects all organs literally. Unfortunately, although a hypnotic without a prescription in the pharmacy should not be sold, many use all the methods to get themselves the same drug "Phenazepam".

Recently, a decentan alternative to strong sleeping pills is a pill that acts more gently, normalizes sleep and is created on a plant basis. They can use poppy, hawthorn, passion flower, flower pollen, etc. Such a natural sleeping pill does not lead to addiction, gradually eliminates insomnia and is practically harmless.

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