If there is low pressure. Causes, treatment

Low blood pressure is as dangerous asincreased. If the pressure measurement results record data less than 90/60, then this is the signal to make an appointment for a consultation with a cardiologist, as well as change your lifestyle. In any case, categorically you can not ignore the low pressure. Causes, treatment of this disease are established and appointed exclusively by a doctor. Sometimes hypotension (low blood pressure) is not an independent disease, but a symptom of more serious pathological processes that can be detected by examining the patient.

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Low pressure: causes

Treatment of low blood pressure is carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.

And what are the reasons for the fact that a personsystematically observed low pressure? Let's first remember what it is. Reduced blood pressure leads to impaired oxygen saturation of all tissues and body systems, including the brain. Occurs because of poor circulation of blood due to weak vascular tone. Among the known causes of hypotension distinguish hereditary factors, age, situational, symptomatic.

Who is susceptible to hypotension

Why is man's pressure low? Sometimes hypotension is a sign of such pathological processes as an ulcer, infection, tuberculosis, diseases of the hormonal and endocrine spheres. In addition, low blood pressure is often "age-related" and is inherent in older people, as well as in children, adolescents, girls and women during pregnancy. This condition is also observed in healthy young people actively engaged in sports, during acclimatization, when visiting countries with a different (hot) temperature regime.

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Also, hypotension develops against a background of chronic emotional and physical overloads, fatigue, insomnia, from malnutrition and uneven distribution of time for rest and activity.

The diagnosis of "low blood pressure"

Causes, treatment can only make upa cardiologist, but, as is often the case, patients are often referred to a neurologist. What is the usual treatment? Hypotonics show walks in the fresh air, long sleep (more than 8 hours), swimming, gymnastics, contrast shower, retreat during the day time for rest. Beneficial to the vessels is massage, especially point, physiotherapy (reflexotherapy, magnetotherapy, cryotherapy). Morning such patients are recommended to start with a cup of quality coffee, which should be the only one per day, since it is possible to "reverse effect". Be sure to observe the water balance - on the day the hypotonic should drink at least 2 liters of plain water.

low blood pressure to take

If low blood pressure, what to take?

Only that which will be indicated by the attending physician. Usually, these are preparations containing caffeine, as well as herbal formulations to provide a stimulating effect. Practice such tonic preparations on a plant basis: tincture of magnolia vine of Chinese, ginseng, hawthorn, eleutherococcus and so on. However, herbs can have not only a curative, but also a detrimental effect on the hypotonic effect. Therefore, they must be taken only with the approval of the doctor. That's all about low blood pressure. Causes, treatment, you know, take care of your own health.

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