What is the yellow body in the ovary

The human body is a complex system, forwhich requires a great deal of work. Especially difficult is the reproductive system. At the same time, very often people are completely unaware of how exactly this or that part of the body functions. So, many women are terribly worried when after ultrasound they are told that they have a yellow body in the ovary, they begin to worry and panic.

And it never even occurred to them that the reason forthere is no panic at all. It is in order to understand this, and you need to understand the structure of your body. The yellow body in the ovary is perfectly normal. This name has a temporary organ, more precisely an internal secretion gland. It is formed immediately after ovulation on the basis of the ruptured follicle. Granular cells of the follicle under the influence of hormones are converted into lutein and begin to produce progesterone. In turn, the appearance in the body of this hormone gives him the command to start preparing for pregnancy. It is he who stimulates the loosening and thickening of the upper layer of the mucous membrane of the inner surface of the uterus - the endometrium. All this is necessary in order for a fertilized egg to penetrate into the endometrium.

The further development of events directly depends onwhether the fertilization of the egg will occur, for which, in fact, everything was started. In case if the fertilization of the egg does not occur, the yellow body in the ovary gradually reduces the production of progesterone and atrophies. Decreasing the concentration of progesterone leads to peeling of the endometrium, which is the cause of menstruation.

If the egg is fertilized and attached towall of the uterus, the yellow body in the ovary continues to function and produce a hormone, it, in turn, maintains the state of the endometrium necessary to maintain the pregnancy. It also blocks the development of other eggs, which is also necessary for the normal development of the fetus. In this case, the yellow body resolves only on the 4th month of pregnancy, when the progesterone is produced by the already formed placenta.

Thus, it turns out that the yellow body inThe ovary is formed in the body of a woman every month, and every month resolves. This is completely normal, and it's pointless to worry about it. However, it is possible that in the case of non-pregnancy, the yellow body will not resolve, but will continue to produce progesterone, or after the onset of pregnancy the yellow body will continue to grow. In this case, they speak of a cyst of the yellow body.

Cystic yellow body, as a rule, haslarger than usual sizes. In this case, the symptoms will be the same as in pregnancy: the delay in menstruation, pulling the sensations in the stomach, all this is the consequence of the hormone. However, the pregnancy test gives a negative result. However, most often this condition also carries no danger even in pregnancy.

However, with a cyst all the same there can be problems,if it is too large. In this case, the cyst can burst as a result of mechanical action. For example, with a stroke or a lot of physical stress. And this is internal bleeding, that is, a condition that is dangerous for a woman's life.

It is therefore necessary to cure yellow cystsbody. Usually, difficulties with treatment do not arise. Within a few months a woman takes anti-ovulation medications, under the influence of which the cyst itself resolves. For monitoring, ultrasound is routinely performed. In extreme cases - with a rupture, surgical intervention is performed. Earlier it was necessary to do a cavitary operation, with a seam from a belly button to a pubis. Now they do a more sparing operation - laparoscopy, in which only three punctures are made, through which the camera and instrument are inserted.

I would like to reiterate that the yellow body in the ovary is a normal phenomenon that every woman encounters monthly.

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