Pharyngitis. Symptom of the disease and its types

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory process,affecting the mucous membrane of the pharynx. And the disease can occur both in chronic and acute form. Pharyngitis accompanies the symptom, manifested by pain in the throat. At the same time there is discomfort and perspiration.

The main cause of the appearance of pathology isinhalation of very contaminated or cold air. Influence on the occurrence of the disease and various irritants, for example, alcohol and tobacco. There is an infection with pharyngitis. It is provoked by various viruses, fungi and microbes. To develop the disease can and in connection with the spread of infection from a source located near the pharynx. This often occurs with rhinitis, sinusitis and dental caries.

When diagnosing "pharyngitis" symptoms (photoyou can see below) differ for different localization of the inflammatory process. In this case, different forms of pathology are distinguished. It is bacterial and viral, fungal and allergic, chronic and traumatic, and also caused by various irritating factors. These types of pharyngitis occur only in acute form. There is a hypertrophic, atrophic and mixed ailment. This is a simple pharyngitis.

pharyngitis symptom
Symptom in the acute form of pathology primarilycharacterized by perspiration and dry mouth. Simultaneously, when swallowing in the throat, pain and discomfort occur. Often the patient complains of a general malaise. He also has a fever. In the event that the inflammatory process affected the tubopharyngeal ridges, the pain syndrome can be transmitted to the ears. Pathology is accompanied by an increase in the lymph nodes of the upper cervical region.

In certain cases, the symptoms of an acute form of pharyngitis are manifested when certain infectious diseases develop. These include rubella and measles, as well as scarlet fever.

If chronic pharyngitis is diagnosed,symptoms of manifestation of pathology are different from those with an acute form of the disease. This ailment is not accompanied by an increase in temperature. The deterioration of the general state of a person is also inessential. Adults complain of a lump in the throat, perspiration and dryness.

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Appears cough, often dry and stubborn. Discomfort sensations in the throat are the result of frequent swallowing of mucus that forms on the back wall. This disrupts the patient's normal sleep and adds irritability.

If atrophic pharyngitis is diagnosed,the symptoms of this type of pathology are immediately identified by a specialist. When the pharyngitis is atrophic, the pharyngeal mucosa is dry and thin. It shows well injected vessels.
Often, children develop viral pharyngitis. Symptoms of this disease can manifest themselves in different ways. With catarrhal pharyngitis in a child, the focus of the inflammatory process is located only on the mucous membrane of the pharynx. With a granular pathology, an increase in lymphadenoid elements occurs. The focus of inflammation is on most of the pharynx.

Viral pharyngitis symptoms
With restless behavior of the child, a decrease inhis appetite and complaints of perspiration and sore throat, we can say with confidence about the occurrence of pharyngitis. However, an accurate diagnosis must be made by a specialist.

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