Microinsult: Consequences, Symptoms and Treatment

Microstroke is characterized as a sharp violationin the blood circulation of the brain. Symptoms of it are immediate or within 24 hours. The main cause of the disease - a violation of the state of the blood vessels of the brain due to many reasons. A direct push can be a thrombus or a sharp spasm.

microinsult consequences

Microinsult is such a disease when it is impossible to say for sure how it will affect the future life of a person. Maybe everything will go well, and maybe we'll have to make out a disability.

Microinsult: Symptoms and Consequences

It is difficult to notice and, accordingly,prevent. This is a dangerous micro-insult, the consequences and symptoms of which everyone should know. Most often, the headache, which is the main sign, do not pay attention. At this time, the brain cells become numb. If the microinsult is not detected, the consequences and treatment will be very serious. It can happen at any age. This should be treated with caution.

microstroke symptoms and effects

Microinsult: consequences

Probably the option, when outwardly noconsequences are not visible. However, in fact, the cerebral vessels will be damaged, which can lead to death or significant complications of life and health of a person. Decreased performance and mental activity. The microinsult effects are different. Violated the concentration of speech and attention, memory deteriorates, motor activity decreases. There are mental disorders, there are sudden aggression, irritability, dementia may begin to develop. Such consequences are most often in elderly people who have experienced a microstroke. Within 72 hours, a disease such as severe ischemic stroke with serious consequences may well develop.

Microinsult: consequences in children

microinsult effects and treatment
To date, this disease has become frequenteven in children and adolescents. In this case, mainly this is due to malnutrition, which causes obesity, diabetes and other endocrine disorders of the body. If micro strokes occur in newborns, it is often the consequence of congenital heart defects or possible birth trauma. Earlier, children with such diagnoses died, right now, with the right treatment, it is possible to prolong their life as much as possible, and if they pay special attention to physical and mental development, then the children will not lag behind their peers. But in the absence of proper treatment and care, the consequences of this disease will manifest throughout life. Microinsult in children of adolescent and school age is quite often a consequence of the initially incorrect structure of some cerebral vessels. It can also be triggered by inflammatory processes in the walls of blood vessels, and more common in recent times such diseases and conditions as obesity, diabetes, congenital heart disease.

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