HIV rapid tests: instruction, prices, reviews

AIDS is a plague of the twenty-first century. Much has been done to ensure that as many people of all ages have an idea of ​​this disease. Much is said about HIV prevention and protection.

express test for HIV in pharmacies

Scientists around the world are solving the problem of fighting this disease. And they moved far ahead. Everyone knows that any disease is easier to win at the initial stages of its development.

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Previously, the HIV test was conducted only in a laboratory using venous blood. Now, rapid tests for HIV are available. They can be used at home without medical training.

About where to buy the rapid test for HIV, will bebelow. To perform this manipulation, blood from the finger is used. It is important to remember: the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better for the patient.

Where can I buy?

The rapid HIV test in pharmacies can be purchasedor order online. The peculiarity of the immunodeficiency virus is that at first it does not manifest itself in any way. It can be present for a long time without showing any symptoms. But when the body is no longer able to resist the infected cells, there comes a disease called AIDS. Through the rapid test, you can diagnose HIV. This is done quickly and easily.

What does this test show?

It should be noted that there are currently rapid tests not only for the detection of HIV. They are also issued for the diagnosis of other diseases.

The peculiarity is that the test determinespresence of antibodies to HIV in human biological material. Therefore, if the result of the study is positive, then it should be repeated after a few months.

rapid tests for HIV

A test is considered positive if a specialplastic device appears 2 strips. This means that there are antibodies in the human blood that fight HIV. If only one bar becomes visible after the test, then the result is negative.

There are cases when the results are consideredinvalid. Namely, if the device shows one strip of bright, and the other - pale, or both are missing. Typically, such results are due to the fact that the technology of the test has been broken, or an infectious-type disease has recently been transferred, or the inflammatory process is still developing in the body.

Instructions for use

How to make rapid HIV tests at home? It is recommended to use fresh blood for manipulation. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a short time. You can not have the blood freeze. Also it is not recommended to shake it. Before applying the solvent to the blood, you need to wait a couple of minutes for it to spread over the device. Before the test, you should prepare a timer, as it is needed, but is not included in the kit.

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  1. First, the package with the test is opened. After all the content is received, it is decomposed on the table.
  2. Next, you should wash your hands, wipe them dry. Then you need to warm up your finger, which will be used.
  3. Then, through the scarifier, it is pierced.
  4. A drop of blood is squeezed out into a special receiver.
  5. By means of a pipette, we add there five drops of the solvent.
  6. We set the timer for fifteen minutes. Then you can look at the result.

An important point is that to checkExpress HIV tests are required no later than twenty minutes after the reaction begins. If you do this later, the strips will change. Then the result will be impossible to establish.


What are the rapid tests for HIV? Now the pharmacy has a large assortment. As a rule, their contents are the same. The difference is in the manufacturer and the price. Below are the most popular rapid tests for HIV. In pharmacies, they are sold completely freely.

where to buy an express test for HIV

  1. InTec PRODUCTS. The country of production is China. The test contains a complete set of components that will be needed for the procedure.
  2. "Factor-Honey." This is a Russian test. It is considered the best of all produced in our country. Serum, blood from a vein or a finger can be used for analysis. The result is visible ten minutes after the reaction starts.
  3. Retrocheck WB. Indian test of high quality. Used by doctors. The reliability of the analysis is 100%.
  4. OraQuick. Russian test. Refers to new developments. The peculiarity is that saliva can be taken as a biological material. The result can be seen in 20 minutes. The use of saliva for obtaining analysis greatly facilitates human actions.
  5. Determine HIV Combo. Japanese test of high quality. Refers to the fourth generation. This fact means that 2 antigens are involved in the diagnosis. Thanks to this principle of action, it is possible to identify the presence of the disease at an early stage of development.


How much does an express HIV test cost? The price of the kit ranges from 180 to 500 rubles. These tests can be purchased at pharmacies or ordered online.

What are the main advantages of rapid tests?

The advantages of these methods over laboratoryare obvious. First of all, a person has the opportunity to conduct this study anonymously, without resorting to anyone's help. Express test can be done at home at any time. The analysis is very simple. The result can be seen in 10-20 minutes. Express test makes it possible to conduct it in any conditions. You can also use different biological materials.

express test for HIV reviews

Now it is common knowledge that earlier diagnosisHIV and adoption of timely treatment measures is yielding positive results. Anyone can do the test. For the conduct, special skills and training are not needed. The main thing is to perform all the necessary actions according to the instructions. Rapid tests for HIV - this is a great invention of modern medicine. People have the opportunity to determine their health status.

Express test for HIV. Patient Reviews

According to people who did rapid tests,it becomes clear that this is a very simple and effective way of determining in the body antibodies to HIV. Everyone notes the ease of use, reliable results and availability. If there is any doubt, people are advised to do one or two more tests.

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