Ceramic braces. Features of ceramic braces

Comfortable ceramic braces dentistsrecommend to those patients for whom it is very important that the corrective systems are not visible to others. Today, the problem of uneven teeth disturbs many people. To correct the situation, special bracket systems are available. However, not all are attracted by the prospect of wearing metal structures in the mouth. This point is especially important for citizens who have certain physiological characteristics, because of which their teeth are exposed (partially or completely) during a conversation. For them ceramic braces are a real salvation.

Ceramic braces

Let's list the main advantages of such systems:

  • Invisibility. Ceramic braces are selected directly under the color of the tooth enamel of the patient. It is very convenient for those who can not boast of perfect whiteness of teeth. Ligature can be not only white, but also light. Thus, the interlocutor does not even guess about the presence of braces in your mouth.
  • Ease of use. You can be sure that ceramic braces will not irritate the mucous membrane, and also negatively affect the gums and lips. For the production of such systems, only reliable and environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergy are used. In addition, wearing braces made of ceramics will not affect diction in any way. You can forget about the unpleasant plaque on the teeth caused by the food dyes. Another advantage of bracket systems is that they do not need special care.
  • Reliability. Braces of high-quality ceramics are in great demand not only in patients, but also in the dentists themselves. And all because they are fastened quite simply and quickly. Such systems are held on teeth much better than conventional metal ones.
    Brackets made of ceramic

Now it's time to talk about the shortcomings that ceramic braces have:

1) Duration of treatment. Due to the excessively high friction between the groove and the arc, little pressure is applied to the teeth. Therefore, the movement of teeth is much slower than with the use of metal systems.

2) High price. Unequivocally answer the question about how much ceramic braces cost, it will not work. Each clinic has its own price list. But, however, the corrective systems of ceramics will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than other species. Before you try the braces on yourself, you should study the feedback of former patients.

How much do ceramic braces cost?

Specialists assign wearing ceramics only whenthe slightest anomalies or for correction of the dentition. In this case, the selection of the system is carried out individually for each patient. In serious cases, a completely different kind of system and even a combination thereof is used.

Choosing a dental clinic is a private matterpatient. The main thing is to find a good hospital, in which experienced specialists work. Do not contact the clinic where they offer their services for suspiciously little money. After all, the quality of the conducted procedures will be consistent with the proposed price bracket. Do not skimp on your own health!

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