Vitamins "Triovit" - instructions for use

"Triovit" is a complex vitamina preparation that is available as hard gelatin capsules. The drug has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, so doctors with a shortage of vitamins appoint a triovite, the instruction of which indicates the following vitamin combination: b-carotene, which, when ingested, is converted into retinol (vitamin A), necessary for strengthening bones, hair health and skin; vitamin C, which strengthens immune defenses, but in general is the worst enemy of many infections and diseases; and E - strengthens the walls of the vessels, improves and normalizes the nutrition of cells. All these vitamins are biological antioxidants that help to remove free radicals from tissues and cells. By results of many researches it is proved that such useful vitamins help to prevent some types of oncological diseases, diseases of the vascular system, prevent the occurrence of cataracts and immune system disorders.

People with weakened immune systems, especially inwinter time, you can safely take triovit, whose composition includes an important element for health - selenium. Selenium is able not only to protect the immune system, increasing the endurance of the organism to bacteria and viruses, but it is also important for the healthy working capacity of the heart.

In the complex, the above-mentioned vitamins areexcellent antioxidants - a means that prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. When the body's own defense system is not capable of supporting the balance of free radicals, cell damage can occur. To avoid this, it is enough to take one - two capsules of vitamins "Triovit". Instruction for use indicates that the capsules of the vitamin complex should be taken within two months, and the course should be repeated two to three times a year.

"Triovit" - vitamins that can provideactive effect on the body at the cellular level, in addition, their components complement each other's effectiveness, which makes the combination of these vitamins extremely rational. As a result, the body is more resistant to unfavorable environmental factors, it increases protective properties, reduces inflammation, slows the aging process at the cellular level.

At the vitamin preparation "Triovit" the instruction speaks about following indications to application:

- take the drug to those who, due to circumstances, receive less vitamins from the usual diet;

- with active mental and physical loads;

- the elderly, whose natural protection of cells is impaired, which reduces the absorption of minerals and vitamins naturally;

- People who have nicotine dependence, since harmful free radicals are formed in the body of a person who smokes;

- people who, due to circumstances, are exposed to radiation (long exposure to the sun, work on a computer, etc.);

- those people who work or live in industrial areas, in the centers of large cities.

For the use of "Triovit" the instruction indicates the following contraindications:

- Do not take the vitamin complex with increased susceptibility to any of the components of the drug;

- women who are breastfeeding or pregnant take the drug only as directed by the doctor.

Side effects are possible in rare cases,can be expressed in allergic reactions to certain components of the drug. When using the drug without the recommended interruption, b-carotene can cause a change in the color of urine and yellowing of the skin, however, these phenomena are not dangerous, but require a break in taking vitamins.

Take one by one - two capsules of "Triovit" per day, reception strictly after meals, to facilitate intake - drink water.

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