Means of "Calcium". Instruction and description

For the health and proper functioning of allsystems of the body, people need vitamins and minerals. Most of them come with food, but sometimes this is not enough. Then special vitamin complexes and biologically active additives come to the rescue, one of which is the preparation "Calcidium". The instruction of this medication contains complete information about its use, indications and contraindications. In this article, we describe the main characteristic of the drug to help understand how important this vitamin complex is for the vital activity of the whole organism.

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First of all, we will find out what isis the drug "Calcium"? Instructions for using any medicinal or vitamin remedy should be carefully read. In addition, medication can not be taken without first consulting a doctor. "Calcium" is a biologically active additive, which is aimed at maintaining the functions of the musculoskeletal system. Its main pharmacological action is the replenishment of calcium stores that are missing in the body.

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The drug "Calcium" is obtained as a result ofprocessing eggshell. The modern unique technology allows preserving all the natural microelements that are rich in shells. In addition, a variety of excipients and vitamins such as A, C, E, D, B1, B2, B6, B12 are introduced into the medicament. What is the main task that is performed by the biologically active supplement "Calcidium"? The instruction notes its pharmacological action, and this is a replenishment of calcium deficiency in the body and an obstacle to the development of such a disease as osteoporosis. Also this remedy increases immunity, as a result of which the body becomes resistant to various colds. Important additive and for a healthy state of teeth, hair, nails.

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Preparation "Calcidium" - instructions for use

Indispensable will be the vitamin complex in the periodintensive growth and development of children. This is an excellent drug for the treatment and prevention of rickets. During the pregnancy and lactation of the present pantry calcium will be a biologically active supplement "Calcium". The instruction for this tool describes its importance for the health of both mother and child. It is also recommended to take the drug with increased psycho-emotional and physical exertion to avoid overwork and weakening of the body. Contraindications to the use of this drug does not have, in some cases, there may be an individual intolerance. But be sure to consult a doctor before starting the course.

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Adopt a biologically active supplement forhalf an hour before or while eating, drink a small amount of water. Dosage for children over six years is three tablets a day. For babies up to three years, only one tablet will be enough, but for children from three to six years you can consume two tablets per day. It is necessary to adhere to the dosage, which is indicated for the preparation "Calcidium" instructions for use. The price of a biologically active additive depends on the availability of additional components in it. It starts at 85 rubles.

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