How important is vitamin D for newborns?

It is believed that all the vitamins we get from food. But vitamin D is able to synthesize and our body, and in sufficient quantities. This occurs (the photolysis reaction) under the action of the ultraviolet spectrum of solar radiation. But, unfortunately, in the conditions of a megacity, the lack of this vitamin is still formed, despite even a quite good food with enough fish, eggs and butter. Especially suffer from this newborn children, because they feed on mother's milk, and the mother's body does not always produce sufficient elements in sufficient quantities.

That's why doctors often prescribe vitamin Dfor newborns, to avoid the appearance of rickets, spasmophilia and frequent respiratory diseases. The matter is that this vitamin takes the most direct part in the formation of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. If it is not enough, the body ceases to absorb calcium and phosphorus, respectively, the growth and strengthening of bones is suspended. In this case, the minerals in the body are excreted by the kidneys. So vitamin D for newborns is extremely important, because the formation of the skeleton they have at an accelerated pace.

Of course, the body of the baby will eventually get used toto live and in conditions of a lack of these important minerals, metabolic processes will also be established, but bone deformations that have arisen in infancy due to insufficient absorption of calcium will remain forever. The muscular tone will also suffer, which, subsequently, will lead to sad consequences: flat feet, scoliosis, visual impairment and other troubles can develop. Recently, the American Academy of Neurology has published such conclusions: enriching its menu with products containing vitamin D, pregnant women reduce the risk of a future man with such a terrible disease as multiple sclerosis. So do not neglect the recommendations of doctors who prescribe vitamin D for newborn babies.

Much less common is an overdose of thisvitamin A. But it is very dangerous. Symptoms of overdose are usually similar to signs of intoxication: vomiting, rising temperature, no less dangerous constipation and dehydration. With a constant insignificant excess of vitamin D, chronic intoxication usually develops, which after the first half of the life of the baby manifests itself as a hypertensive crisis or acute renal failure. Therefore, it is not necessary to prescribe vitamin D to the newborn on your own, only the doctor can see the necessary symptoms.

In cases of overdose, first of all, excludeingestion of vitamin D in the body, as well as products in which there is calcium. In addition, vitamins A and E, which are antagonists of vitamin D, are used as blockers. If the condition is severe, combined treatment is used, aimed at removing calcium from the body and replenishing potassium and magnesium lost during treatment.

How to give vitamin D to infants? For prophylaxis, a standard scheme is used: the child, starting from the 21st day of life, receives 1 drop of an oily solution daily, which contains 500 IU of the active substance. Reception can be suspended for summer time in those climatic zones that are sufficiently insolated. If the child is premature, the dose is doubled, and the vitamin is usually taken for two years.

But the approach is always individual, because the childthere can be some pathologies, it happens that my mother simply forgets to give vitamins on time. Only a doctor can prescribe a therapeutic dose. Usually, it is 4 drops of solution. And if there are signs of rickets, then at least 5 drops.

In any case, vitamin D for newborns is necessary, but prevention and treatment should be coordinated with the doctor.

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