Whether the cystitis passes from the woman to the man and on the contrary sexual by?

Is cystitis passed from woman to man and vice versa? To answer the question posed, one should know the ways of infection, through which the disease under consideration affects the human body.

whether the cystitis is transmitted from woman to man

basic information

Before telling you about whether cystitis is transmitted from woman to man and back, it is necessary to tell what the disease is in general.

In the medical literature, cystitis isinflammation of the bladder, and in urology this term is used as the name of a urinary infection, as well as disruption of the work of the said organ and a change in the urine sediment.

In view of the fact that the said disease is causedcertain types of bacteria and is an inflammation that flows on the walls of the bladder, it is logical to assume that these same microorganisms can go to another organism.

Infiltration of infection

Is cystitis passed from woman to man? As mentioned above, the disease in question is inflammatory. And, as you know, inflammation in itself is not contagious, as it can only harm a patient whose body has developed. However, such a disease as cystitis, is caused by bacteria that have the ability to go into the body of another person.

whether the cystitis is transmitted from woman to man by sexual

So is cystitis transmitted from woman to man?According to experts, under favorable conditions, microorganisms that provoke inflammation of the urinary bladder can be transmitted from one patient to another.

Features of the disease

Inflammatory process of urogenital canalsis the most common pathology in urological practice. According to statistics, almost all adult women occasionally have symptoms of cystitis.

Most people have this disease on their own. However, some patients require long-term treatment by taking antibacterial drugs.

Structure of the genitourinary system in women

The most common question is whether cystitis is transmitted fromwomen to a man, ask the representatives of the weaker sex. What is the reason for this? The fact is that in most cases, it is women who suffer from this disease. This is due to the structure of their urethra. It is rather short and wide, which allows various bacteria and fungi to penetrate into the bladder. As for men, their urethra is much longer and thinner. Therefore, they suffer from cystitis very rarely.

Is cystitis passed from woman to man?

Infecting your partner with cystitis is quite real.Most often, men become infected with cystitis during prolonged and regular sexual intercourse with a woman who has this disease in a chronic or acute condition. It should be noted that if the immune system is strong in the stronger sex, the development of such a disease is not threatened, as the bacteria die already in the urethra, without reaching the bladder.

whether the cystitis from the woman to the man is transmitted sexually

Now you know whether cystitis is transmitted fromwomen to men sexually. One can not help saying that if a woman continues to actively engage in sex during the acute or chronic course of this disease, then it will be problematic to cure him, even despite the use of potent antibacterial agents. Therefore, many specialists at the time of treatment and a few weeks after it recommend their patients to refrain from sexual intercourse.

Can a man infect a woman?

About whether cystitis is transmitted from woman to manthrough sex, we told you above. However, some members of the fair sex are also interested in whether this disease can move to them from a partner. Most doctors give a positive answer to this question.

If there are men in the genitourinary systembacteria that cause inflammation of the bladder, then during sexual intercourse they can freely penetrate the woman's body. This again is associated with the particular structure of their urethra. Therefore, if the disease is diagnosed, a man needs to undergo a full course of therapy with antibacterial and other medications. Also at the time of treatment it is desirable to give up any sexual contacts or use contraceptives.

whether the cystitis is transmitted from woman to man through sex

Concomitant diseases

Finding out whether cystitis is transmitted from a woman toman sexually, should understand the question of what pathologies can accompany the disease in question. Very often, cystitis occurs in conjunction with a disease such as colpitis. It is an inflammation of the vaginal structures. Also, this disease spreads along with vaginosis. In this case, both pathologies develop against a background of impaired microflora in the vagina.

Risk factors

Most often, cystitis is transmitted from a man to a womanwhen coitus, especially if the intimate relationship took place before the onset of menstruation or immediately after them. Symptoms of this disease in the fairer sex can arise after a sexual relationship with a sick man during the period when her immunity was reduced.

One can not help saying that signs of cystitis are often observed in pregnant women after having sex with an infected man.

whether the cystitis is transmitted from woman to man and back

How often does cystitis occur duringsexual intercourse? According to experts, this occurs in 8 cases out of 10. As a rule, bacteria begin to multiply actively in the urogenital channel of a woman in the presence of the following unfavorable factors:

  • inadequate strict adherence to or non-compliance with personal hygiene rules;
  • presence of several partners at the same time or their frequent change;
  • casual love affair with a person who has been diagnosed with cystitis.

To avoid such infection, specialists recommend using contraceptive drugs of the first level (condoms) during sexual intercourse.

How to treat cystitis in men and women?

Despite the fact that the structure of the genitourinary system in both sexes is significantly different, treatment of an inflammatory disease like cystitis, they are almost the same.

In acute process, patients need constant bed rest. At the same time, they are prescribed abundant food and drink, with the exception of salty and spicy dishes, as well as alcohol.

Very useful in cystitis application of decoctions of herbs such as bearberry, kidney tea and others that have a diuretic effect.

In order to reduce pain inThe urethra is actively used by warm baths and warmers. With severe soreness, patients are allowed to take a remedy that will relieve spasms in the bladder (for example, "Drotaverin" or "Papaverin"). In especially severe cases, antibacterial treatment may be prescribed.

Therapy of chronic cystitis is aimed atrestoration of a natural current of urine (i.e. treatment of urethral contractions, prostate adenoma, etc.). It is also mandatory to treat all existing foci of infection in the body, including chronic tonsillitis.

whether the cystitis is transmitted from woman to man and vice versa

Antibacterial therapy for chronic cystitis is carried out only after sowing urine, as well as identifying a pathogen susceptible to antibiotics.

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