Carbohydrates and fats are useful and harmful to the body: a list

Healthy eating is the guarantee of health. However, not everyone thinks about it during meals. But controlling the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates helps not only to preserve the beautiful figure, but also to protect oneself from certain diseases, including obesity.

fats, useful

However, not everyone knows that there are fats useful,and carbohydrates, on the contrary, are harmful. Claims do not arise only with proteins. As we remember from the lessons of biology, it is proteins that participate in the construction of connective tissue, regulate metabolism, transfer useful substances by blood, and also have a protective function. But then why do we need fats and carbohydrates, if the main functions are coping with proteins?

Which fats are useful?

Thanks to fats, our hair and skin have a healthyform, and the body does not freeze in cold weather and does not overheat in the heat. True, there is one but. Not all fats have useful properties, so before looking at the list of the most calorie-rich foods, let's take a closer look at this topic.

Structure of fats

As is known, lipids area combination of glycerin and fatty acids - triglycerides. Each triglyceride molecule consists of a chain of hydrocarbons and an acid residue. Such a chain may differ in length or in the number of bonds, depending on which, saturated and unsaturated lipids are isolated. In addition, fatty acids are classified by the number of atoms, after which a double bond was formed. They are especially important for the body. In everyday terms, it is the fat of the omega group.

Fats, useful

In order for the body to function properly, it is necessary to consume fats containing unsaturated acids - omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9.

what fats are useful
However, here there are some rules andfeatures of use. For example, omega 3 and omega 6 are considered interchangeable fats, but the latter should not exceed the established daily rate. If you are not sure how to calculate it, then remember the simple way. Lipids omega-6 should be 4 times more in the diet than omega-3. Such a calculation is due to the fact that so useful fats for the body can be obtained only from the outside, and, therefore, there is a risk of their overabundance. In contrast, omega-9 can be obtained both from products, and developed independently. What foods contain the described fats? Now we'll find out.

List of fat sources

The main content of omega-3 fats can be found infish and algae, beans and nuts, as well as in various oils. Consider a specific list, which lists useful fats. The products will be as follows.

  • Most of the omega-3 fats are found in salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, squid, halibut, perch and carp.
  • They can also be found in beans, soy, spinach, broccoli and other dark green plants.
  • Present in oils of soy, grape seeds, linseed, sesame, corn, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and oats.

The level of omega-6 content is quite high in sunflower, corn, cotton and soybean oils, in river fish, nuts and seeds, chicken and eggs, as well as in black currant and primrose.

  • Omega 9 is present in the composition of nuts, seeds, pork fat and avocado. A handful of hazelnuts or peanuts can saturate the body with the necessary norm.
  • The greatest amount of omega-9 can be found in such oils as olive, apricot.

About the benefits of fat

Undoubtedly, each of these lipids has useful properties, otherwise it would be pointless to talk about them.

useful properties of fats
For example, the beneficial properties of omega-3 fatsare the reduction of cholesterol, the formation of brain cells, the retina of the eyes, spermatozoa, the purification of vessels and the return of elastic properties. Also, due to omega-3, blood pressure is normalized and the blood supply to the brain is improved by preventing excessive blood congestion. Inflammatory processes decrease, the risk of arthritis, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke decreases. With the consumption of omega-3-saturated fats, the recovery of tissues and bones is markedly accelerated, and some skin diseases are less acute. In addition, these lipids are an integral part of diets.

It is about omega-3 that they are said to be useful fats for women. Why?

The use of omega-3 fats for the female body

First, the use of these fats in no wayaffects the figure. But the improvement of the condition of hair, skin and bones becomes obvious. The body constantly needs these substances, so it does not have time to accumulate them, spending on their needs. And secondly, unsaturated fats of omega-3 are an excellent remedy for mood swings and depression, normalizing the work of the nervous system.

Useful properties of omega 6

Despite the fact that omega 6 can be considered a full substitute for omega 3, yet their effect on the body is somewhat different. Why are these substances so useful?

healthy fats products
Due to saturated fats, omega 6 decreasesdry skin, cholesterol level decreases, metabolism is normalized, nail brittleness is eliminated, brain activity is improved. Clinical trials prove that these lipids are successfully used in the treatment and prevention of multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Also considered fatty acids are used in the prevention of gynecological and urological diseases, neurotic states and cardiovascular pathologies.

Useful properties of omega 9

Fatty acid omega 9 is not inferior at allConsidered for their useful properties, which has a beneficial effect on the body. It is also able to prevent the development of diabetes by activating the action of cells on the production of insulin. Thanks to omega 9, our body is able to resist various types of infections, as well as to develop immunity. Unlike the examined fats, omega 9 not only lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, but also has high resistance, and, therefore, does not release carcinogens into the body as a result of certain chemical reactions.

It should be noted that all the acids representedare found in fish oil. Our great-grandmothers knew about its benefits as well. Many generations of children have taken it for a long time as the main vitamin. But very few people know what useful fish oil for women.

healthy fats for women

Contained therein iodine and phosphorus preventdiseases of the thyroid gland and improve metabolism. Included in the vitamins A and D strengthen the hair and nails, improve the condition and complexion, and also increase the elasticity of the skin. Fatty acids help to maintain the harmony of the figure.

However, like any other substance, they are not deprived of the possibility of negative effects on the body.

So is it good or harm?

Fats useful to the body are also capable of damaging the health if a number of conditions are not observed.

For example, the lack of omega-3 is not as dangerous ashis overdose. And although in practice this phenomenon is rare and difficult to implement, the allergic effect can become a minimal consequence, and the maximum - the aggravation of liver diseases.

The effects of excess omega-6 in the body canbe much worse than in the previous case. So, as a result of the excess content of this substance in the body increases the viscosity of the blood, which means there is a risk of developing a heart attack or stroke, and also the development of blood clots. Also, exceeding the concentration of fatty acids threatens the growth of cancer cells. The minimum consequence is a decrease in immunity.

Despite the fact that Omega 9 is called to regulate metabolism, its excess in the body can lead to excess weight.

Therefore, before you start, actively use these seemingly useful fats, remember that in everything is important measure.

Touching the topic of lipids, you can not tell and about carbohydrates. Only in a bunch of useful fats and carbohydrates can organize proper nutrition.

Carbohydrates. Their benefit and harm

With carbohydrates everything is somewhat simpler. There are complex carbohydrates and simple ones. Or, in other words, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and with a high. What is the difference?

healthy fats and carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are aimed at a quick release of energy by increasing the level of sugar in the blood.

They are found in chocolate, baking, fruits. In a word, in all goodies. That's why chocolate bars are good as a quick snack, but they are bad as a basic meal. The feeling of hunger will be quenched exactly for a couple of hours.

Complex carbohydrates, getting into the body, are split for a long time, constantly fueling the body with energy.

useful fats for the body
They are part of a variety of cereals, legumes, whole grains, as well as macaroni products of solid varieties.

In this case, remember that simple carbohydrates, splitting, instantly turn into fat, so you can not abuse them, otherwise you can forget about the slender figure.


Fats are useful only when their uselimited to a daily rate. Any excess can not only negatively affect the appearance, it has a significant impact on health. Therefore, before you are inspired by the described effect of taking omega-group fatty acids, think about the consequences of their misuse.

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