The tooth of wisdom is cut: symptoms

Teething wisdom tooth or "eight" inmost people are accompanied by pain and malaise. As a rule, the erupting wisdom tooth, the symptoms of which are very unpleasant, brings a lot of suffering to a person. Often the eruption of the G-8 requires medical attention.

The wisdom tooth appears much later than othersteeth, for which he received his name. The average age of eruption is 16 to 27 years, but sometimes it can happen in very old age. The difficulty of erupting the wisdom tooth is due to the fact that the jaw at this age is already fully formed. It also happens that the tooth does not have enough space on the jaw, and it can erupt in its place.

Wisdom teeth, the symptoms of eruption of which: pain, swelling of soft tissues, fever, difficulty opening the mouth, unpleasant odor, often lead to temporary disability.

A tooth of wisdom can grow on the cheek, liehorizontally, be rotated around its axis, not cut through to the end. It often happens that it is covered with a gum or a hood, which, when erupted, can become inflamed and cause severe pain. Under the hood, food often falls, creating favorable conditions for the reproduction of microbes. Inflammation of the hood is called perekoronaritom. With this disease, the hood is excised, and sometimes the wisdom tooth itself is removed. Symptoms of recoronary: edema, pain, purulent discharge from the gums, fever, lymphadenopathy.

Often the wisdom tooth, eruption symptomswhich are associated with improper position, inflammation, neuralgic pain, cyst, must be removed at the very beginning of its appearance. The process of removing such teeth is a rather difficult task: the tooth may not grow properly or have curved sinuous roots. After removing the "eight" patients often complain of severe pain in the hole for several days.

Wisdom teeth are characterized by such pathology,as a retention or delay of eruption. As a rule, a retouched wisdom tooth is to be removed. Symptoms of retention of the eighth tooth: it can be seen partially or not at all, the gums around the unshaved tooth swelled, reddened and hurt, the temperature increased. The retreat of the G-8 can be held painlessly.

Often wisdom teeth grow with a slope and canto rest on the seventh tooth beside him. If the eighth tooth will constantly press on the root of the next tooth, then the enamel of the latter will be damaged, which will lead to the development of caries.

To save or remove wisdom teeth decidesTherapist. Do not try to quickly get rid of the "eights" - they can come in handy in the future with prosthetics. But if the tooth grows on the cheek and traumatises the mucous membrane, then a decision is made to remove it, since permanent trauma leads to erosion and even to oncology. The tooth is removed if there are no conditions for eruption: the tooth lies horizontally or there is no place for complete eruption.

At a time when the tooth begins to eruptwisdom, should be particularly careful to practice oral hygiene. Between the hood and the tooth, food can be stuffed, leading to inflammation. After eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly with a solution of potassium permanganate or boric acid. Care should be taken to ensure that the infection does not get into the place of the eruption of the tooth.

What to do if the wisdom tooth is cut andhurts? Do not drink painkillers and wait until it passes by itself. At the first signs you need to turn to the dentist. A tooth of wisdom, the symptoms of eruption of which may be present for several months, will constantly remind oneself. The sooner you go to the doctor, the faster the problem will be solved. Only a doctor can determine the wrong position of the tooth or the presence of a retention, in which there is no point in waiting for relief.

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