Colds in a child (2 years): what to treat and how to do it correctly

Yet no child in the world has grown up withoutdiseases. During the cold, the babies form immunity. This is a vital necessity. In the future, your child's body will learn how to quickly cope with viruses that have already met and familiar to it. During the period of illness, it is necessary to give proper attention to the child, to choose the right therapy for him. After all, the outcome of the disease depends on it. It can be positive or negative: a recovery or a complication.

Often parents ask themselves: if a child's cold starts (2 years), than to treat it? Today's article will tell you about different means of fighting infection. But it is worth remembering that any appointment should be made by a doctor. Especially when it comes to young children.

cold in a child 2 years than to treat

Nature of the disease

Before treating a cold (2 years old child),it is necessary to understand the nature of its origin. All infections are divided into bacterial, fungal and viral. The latter are much more common than their predecessors. In this case, a viral disease with improper treatment can cause bacterial complications. Therapy of this infection is fraught with the attachment of a fungal lesion. Everything in the human body is interconnected. Therefore, one should not speculate on the coffee grounds, which caused malaise in the baby. In addition, some children at this age can not even really explain what hurts them.

The main signs of illness in a child: runny nose, fever, cough. If a baby has a headache and photophobia, and on the thermometer his parents see a mark of 39 degrees or higher, it is most likely that the flu has the flu. When after a while the child has a dry (later wet) cough, and the temperature does not drop - it's bronchitis. The pain in the throat and the touch on the tonsils speak of angina. Also, young children often face laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, otitis and other diseases. All of them have different methods of treatment. Consider what to do if a child's cold starts (2 years). Than to treat the kid in this case?

Treatment of a cold

Practically in all cases (except forsome) the kids have a runny nose. First the secret to be separated has a transparent color and a liquid consistency. Some time before, parents can notice an intense sneeze. Later, there is swelling, breathing is disrupted, discharge from the nose becomes thick. All these are signs of a viral infection. If after a few days the discharge from the nose acquires a green or yellow hue, then a bacterial infection has joined. Than to treat a cold (2 years to the child) in such situation? How to facilitate breathing?

Without the doctor's appointment, it is completely justified, youyou can apply salt solutions. These are such means as "Humer", "Aquamaris", "Rhinostop". Introduce into the baby's nose they can be up to 8-10 times a day. Preparations clean the mucous membrane of pathogens and eliminate swelling by drawing an excess liquid. At the earliest stages of the disease, such drugs as Grippferon, Genferon, Derinat will be effective. These are antiviral agents that are approved for use from the first days of life. Use them strictly according to the instructions. Antibiotics for the nose are rarely prescribed. It is impossible to apply them independently. Running preparations: "Isofra", "Protargol", "Polidex".

than to treat a cold 2 years old child

Fever: when to knock down the temperature?

Almost always in children increasesbody temperature in case of illness. With such a symptom, a child's cold begins (2 years). Than to treat and how correctly to lower temperature? It is worth saying at once that before the thermometer's mark at 38.5 degrees, the mother should not grasp the antipyretic. It is clear that all parents want to alleviate the condition of their children. But it is at this temperature that an active struggle of immunity with viruses begins. If you want the baby to have a good body resistance in the future, then wait. An exception to the rule are children with neurological disorders. For them, the use of antipyretic compositions is necessary already at 37.7 degrees.

The safest way to reducethe temperature at the child is considered "Paracetamol" and its structural analogues ("Panadol", "Cefekon"). It is permissible to use "Ibuprofen" or "Nurofen". In exceptional cases, "Nimulid", "Nimesulide" or "Naize" are appointed. Remember that the dose of antipyretics always depends on the mass of the body crumbs: calculate it correctly.

What if the temperature does not go wrong?

In young children, often with disease, white fever begins. This feature can manifest a child's cold (2 years). Than to treat? The list of medicines to eliminate this condition is as follows:

  • antipyretic (more often using funds based on metamizol sodium);
  • spasmolytic (No-Shpa, Drotaverin, Papaverin, Papazol);
  • antihistamine ("Dimedrol", "Tavegil", "Suprastin").

Each component is selected in accordance withthe age of the child. Most often use the following combination: "Analgin", "Dimedrol", "Drotaverin". In this case, the child is 2 years old, which means that he needs 0.2 milligrams of each remedy. The injection is administered intramuscularly.

cold in a child 2 years than to treat a list of medicines

Pershing and sore throat

Almost always painfulswallowing a cold in a child (2 years). Than to treat the kid in this situation? Most of the lozenges for resorption and sprays at this age are still prohibited. Only on hotel indications the doctor can recommend such means, as "Tantum Verde", "Ingalipt" (under condition of spraying them not in a throat, and on an internal surface of cheeks).

It is permissible to treat the baby's tonsils and the adjacent mucous membrane with the following formulations:

  • "Miramistin" (kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, purifies).
  • "Chlorophyllipt" (effective for bacterial infection, copes well with staphylococci, relieves inflammation).
  • "Lugol" (cleans, disinfects, very effective in case of plaque and bacterial infection).

Use of antiviral drugs

If a child often has a cold (2 years)- than to treat? Medicines with antiviral and immunomodulating action are now applied in pediatrics to the right and to the left. Doctors prescribe them for the purpose of prevention and directly for treatment. It is known that the most safe formulations are the agents that stimulate the synthesis of interferon. Such drugs do not interact with the virus on their own. They make the immune system work and cope with the common cold. Trade names of these medicines: "Viferon", "Kipferon", "Anaferon", "Ergoferon" and so on.

The doctor can prescribe the baby such medicines as "Isoprinosine", "Groprinosin", "Aflubin", "Ocillococcinum", "Citovir" and many others. But it's best not to use them yourself.

cold in a child 2 years than to treat and how to correctly

When are antibiotics needed?

Often, a caring mother grabs antibiotics if a child's cold begins (2 years). Than to treat? Symptoms of what really need antimicrobial agents are:

  • green or yellow snot;
  • coughing;
  • body temperature lasts more than five days;
  • prescribed treatment does not help, and the child becomes worse;
  • there was a pain in the ears;
  • a thick white coating appeared on the tonsils.

Even if your baby has everything describedSymptoms are not a reason to immediately give him an antibiotic. Be sure to show the child to the doctor. After all, only a pediatrician will be able to correctly select the necessary drug and calculate the desired dose. Most often, doctors prescribe antibiotics to children for a wide range of activities. Preference is given to drugs penicillin series and macrolides. Less commonly, cephalosporins are prescribed. Trade names suitable for your baby will be indicated by a specialist.

Cold at the child (2 years): than to treat? Folk remedies)

In recent years many parents have been trying toto refuse from chemical preparations and tablets, giving preference to folk recipes. Indeed, some of them are effective. But in everything you need to know the measure. Do not drive a child to fainting. If you see that your methods do not work - contact your doctor.

  • Reduce body temperature withwiping. Use simple clean water for this. It is forbidden to rub the child with vodka or vinegar. Reduce the temperature of the thermometer can be with the help of vitamin C. Brew a weak baby warm tea with a lemon or orange slices.
  • Natural antibiotics and antimicrobials: garlic, onion, aloe juice and so on. To increase the body's resistance, you can give the child a quarter-spoonful of a mixture of lemon juice and onions.
  • Soar your feet and conduct thermal inhalations (breathe over a potato) only if the baby has no temperature. It is worth noting that many pediatricians do not welcome such events.
  • To treat a throat it is possible rinsing. The solution is chosen at your discretion: soda and salt, chamomile broth or calendula and so on.
  • Cope with a cough help warm milk with a spoon of honey and butter. Note that honey is a strong allergen.

cold in a child 2 years than treats folk remedies

Create the most comfortable conditions

If the first symptoms of a cold developchild (2 years) - than to treat? Prevention of complications and therapy of the disease involves the creation of the most suitable conditions for the baby. If you put the child in a warm, stuffy room, it will only get worse. The ambient temperature should not exceed 23 degrees. Humidity is set at 60-70 percent. If the crumb is cold, then it is better to dress it more warmly, rather than turn on the heating devices.

If the baby refuses to eat - this is normal. Do not feed your child by force. It is important to drink more often. Let the baby drink what he likes: juice, fruit juice, tea, milk. After all, it is with the liquid that most of the pathogens are excreted. During the illness, bed rest is shown. But a two-year-old child is hard enough to observe it. Therefore, responsibility is shifted to the shoulders of parents: come up with any quiet games. Even if the kid is out of bed, try to limit his activity (do not let him jump and run).

Can I bathe and walk?

How does a child's cold appear (2 years) than to treat it? The treatment should be, you already know. Parents always have a question: is it possible to bathe and walk? We will answer them.

To bathe a baby is not only possible, but also necessary. Exclude water procedures only at high temperature. During bathing, the child breathes moist air, water drops enter the spout, contributing to the natural liquefaction of mucus and the moistening of the membranes. The prohibition of bathing during the cold came to us from the time when children were bathed in the trough and were afraid to simply supercool the already weakened baby.

You can walk, but only in the absence of temperature. Even if the baby cough and runny nose - this is not a contraindication for walking. It is important to dress the child in the weather and minimize contact with other children.

cold in a child 2 years than to treat medications

The main mistakes of parents

You already know what actions you needTo undertake, if the cold at the child 2 years (than to treat) has begun. The doctors' comments report that the parents themselves are often to blame for joining the bacterial complication. Caring mother and father treat the baby wrong, which leads to bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis and other diseases. Such pathologies require more serious drugs. So, what are the main mistakes of parents? If a child's cold starts (2 years) - what should not be treated?

  • Antibiotics. These drugs are good in the presence of certainreadings. But often moms and dads give their children unnecessarily. Antibacterial agents destroy the normal microflora, thereby increasing the negative effect of viruses. Recall that antimicrobial agents are powerless in case of a viral infection.
  • Antipyretic. Take them only at high temperature (more than 38.5 degrees). Otherwise, you do not allow the baby's immunity to form correctly.
  • Antitussive. Do not give the child an antitussivecompositions, trying to quickly eliminate this symptom. Coughing is a natural reaction of the body to a stimulus. In this way, sputum is excreted from the bronchi. It is better to use mucolytic and expectorant means.
  • All medications at once. The described medicines are good, but everyone inseparate and under certain indications. If you give the child several drugs at once, then there will be a backlash. With a combination of medications, be sure to read the instructions.

cold in a child 2 years than to treat prophylaxis


In the article for you the information is presented,as a child's cold develops (2 years). Than it is possible to treat, what preparations are better for using by appointment of the doctor - it is described earlier. Remember that neither you nor the pharmacist from the nearest pharmacy is able to correctly diagnose. If the child does not feel better after three days, you should consult a doctor. Get well soon!

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