The syndrome of Lennox Gasto (epilepsy)

The Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is one of the formsepilepsy (myoclonic-astatic). This variant of the disease involves a combination of tonic and atonic seizures, atypical absences, delayed mental development in children. For the first time the disease can occur in toddlers from year to five, mostly in boys.

Lennox Gasto syndrome

This ailment, as a rule, develops as a result oftransferred in the childhood of neurological diseases and begins with sudden falls of the child. After a while there are convulsions, epileptic seizures, pronounced delayed mental development, and a decrease in intelligence.

Gradually, with the growth of the child, the nature of seizures varies. Falls are replaced by partial, secondary generalized, complex attacks of epilepsy.

Because of what the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome manifests

It is quite difficult to understand the causes of this syndrome, but today the main ones are known.

  • Anomaly of brain development.
  • Severe infections (meningitis, encephalitis, rubella).
  • Genetic pathological diseases of the brain (CNS lesions, metabolic diseases, tuberculous sclerosis).
  • Trauma of the child during the passage of the birth canal (asphyxia, premature birth, etc.).
  • CNS trauma in the perinatal period, as well as premature birth and asphyxia.
    forms of epilepsy

Symptoms of SLH

The Lennox-Gastaut syndrome can be recognized by itselfthe main symptom is convulsions. Children diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy also have different forms of epilepsy (symptoms):

  • paroxysms of falls;
  • atonic seizures;
  • atypical absence;
  • partial seizures;
  • nodding cramps;
  • myoclonic-astatic seizures;
  • tonic seizures (usually occur during deep sleep);
  • generalized TC seizures.

Patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome also have a characteristic stupor with a smooth transition to epilepsy, mental retardation, cognitive and personality disorders.

idiopathic epilepsy

Diagnosis of LH syndrome

Immediately after the first symptom of thisillness should immediately seek help from specialists, calling an ambulance. As a rule, the diagnosis of this disease is carried out using an ECG in the period between attacks.

Treatment of LH syndrome

The Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is treated withmedical and surgical methods. Treatment with medicines yields a positive result in no more than 20% of cases. With the surgical method of treatment, to eliminate sudden falls, effective is the dissection of the corpus callosum (callosotomy). Also, operations aimed at stimulating the vagus nerve and removing vascular tumors and malformations are used.

However, it should be said that seizures, characteristicfor this syndrome, it is often difficult to treat; in the end they can lead a patient to severe social and mental consequences. Tonic seizures, which lead to a decrease in intelligence, are practically untreatable.

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