Tincture of calendula from acne: reviews

Acne is a real headache. Often, to get rid of them, you have to resort to a variety of means. One of them is tincture of calendula. In fact, how effective it is, try to understand. Calendula tincture acne reviews of its application has a wide variety. Someone helps, some do not. What are the reasons? About everything in order.

Calendula tincture: how to prepare

Calendula is considered a medicinal flower. It has found wide application in folk medicine. So, it is used for the treatment of colds, cholelithiasis, for healing of scars, etc. If you talk specifically about acne, then for their treatment use a tincture of calendula or a decoction. The first is considered more effective, but its application can not be shown to all.

The tincture of marigold is sold in the pharmacy, but her ownit will not be difficult to prepare yourself. For this you can use both bought dried inflorescences, and fresh, collected in the field. You need to take two tablespoons of inflorescences and fill them with 100 milliliters of vodka. Insists all this in glassware in a dark, not very warm place, about a week. Before use, tincture should be filtered.

Tincture of calendula from acne: reviews

Well, now let's figure out what they thinkabout the use of this tincture to treat acne people. On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of responses in this regard. Opinions of people are different, and you can not argue with them. Someone really helps, but someone, disenchanted with efficiency, resorts to the help of other means.

Tincture of calendula is a natural product, thereforespecial contraindications for external use is not. But they do exist. Many wrestlers with acne note that during its use the skin becomes very dry, even too much. And there is an explanation for this. The point is that alcohol, on the basis of which the tincture is prepared, has a drying effect. Actually, the same action is characteristic of the inflorescences themselves. Consequently, the tincture of calendula from acne (the reviews confirm this) can not be used in the case of dry skin. In this situation, it should be replaced with a decoction, which is prepared on the water. Well, if the skin is oily, then this remedy will be as never before. In general, tincture of calendula for the face can be used simply as a tonic, in this case they will help to remove oily shine and to clear a skin of pollution. If there is not a lot of acne on the face, you can get rid of them like this: in the tincture of calendula, a cotton swab is moistened and simply applied to each pimple.

The conclusion is: you need to be able to properly use the tincture. And then, it is likely, she will help you to get rid of acne all the same. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to consider that only one tincture of calendula from acne can not be a panacea. Reviews show that it does not always effectively eliminate them, and in some cases is completely useless. Perhaps, all the same, a significant contribution is made by the individual characteristics of the organism. Just a person can react differently to these or other means. This is comparable to how to choose a moisturizer for it. Again, a considerable role is played by the time of treatment: the tincture definitely will not help at once. You will have to be patient, because its use can last for several weeks.

Tincture of calendula: reviews of cosmetologists

It should be noted that it may well beappointed a beautician for the treatment of acne. Patients tincture of calendula is appointed very often, because this is the easiest way to bring your face in order. In this case it will be possible not only to save money, because some drugs against acne are not cheap, but also to rid your face of medicines, whose composition is far from natural. In general, be sure to take a tincture of calendula and try it to fight acne.

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