When does the privatization of apartments in Russia end? The terms of privatization of the apartments have been extended

In the twentieth century, the territory of the modern CISoccupied a huge single country called the USSR. Residents of the Soviet Union received from the state for use apartments and houses that are the property of municipal units. The person had the right to live on this living space. And that's all. The conditions for obtaining such houses and apartments in no way provided for subsequent sale, delivery or exchange.

when the privatization of apartments in Russia ends

Start the process

After the disintegration of the mighty power, the ruling eliteRussia passed a law permitting free privatization of housing. Simply put, in 1991, residents of state and municipal apartments were given the right to become full owners of square meters. At the same time, privatization of apartments in Russia was free of charge. An unfamiliar term came to us from the Latin language. Formed from the word privatus - "private", privatization meant "to become private."

The law on the transfer of ownership ofapartments and houses marked the beginning of the development of a huge segment of the real estate market - the official market for the purchase and sale of housing. After the implementation of the privatization procedure, a person becomes an absolute owner of the premises. He can perform various operations: donating, bequeathing, selling, exchanging, letting lodgers, etc.

Plan for the economic development of the country

privatization of the apartment up to what year

A mass of issues was caused at that time by privatizationapartments: up to what year can this operation be carried out? What documents are needed for this? These and many other problems were of interest to Soviet citizens yesterday. When the privatization of apartments in Russia ends, they announced the same in 1991. The procedure under consideration became part of the economic development plan of the country, developed by Yegor Gaidar. The project was approved by President Boris Yeltsin.

A large number of positive momentsgave the real estate market the privatization of the apartment. Until which year it is possible to implement this procedure, it was mentioned in the first adopted law. The initial date of the end of the procedure was 1996. By the time it was radically planned to transfer into ownership of private individuals most of the municipal and state apartments.

privatization of the apartment renewal terms

First renewal

However, people were confused and confused: the collapse of the USSR, inflation, economic stagnation and many other reasons led to the fact that the first attempt at privatization was not as successful as planned. In 1996, President Boris Yeltsin called the next date when the privatization of apartments in Russia ends. It was January 2007. Again, the procedure for obtaining housing in the property is mired in a variety of problems: citizens complained about the lengthy process of issuing documents, endless queues in the corridors of state institutions, the slowness and slowness of employees of municipal institutions and so on.

Moving the time a second time

The positive aspect was the fact of growththe number of citizens wishing to become a participant in the project called "privatization of an apartment". Until a year to extend it? This issue has become an urgent problem for President Vladimir Putin. At sessions of the State Duma, it was proposed to move the "X" point from January 2007 to 2010.

The political situation in the country graduallycame back to normal. People looked to the future with confidence. Every day the number of citizens of the Russian Federation wishing to become owners of their homes grew. At the same time, the number of people interested in the question of when the privatization of apartments in Russia ends is also increasing. Approaching the final date caused an unheard-of excitement. Infinite influx of citizens into the Federal Registration Service did its job: the process was extended. Andrei Nazarov and Vladimir Gruzdev - deputies from the faction "United Russia" - explained the reason for the transfer of the date. They showed on the figures that the number of those wishing to become owners of municipal housing in 2009 almost doubled compared to the previous period.

The figures showed that morea quarter of the citizens of the Russian Federation will not have time to undergo the procedure for privatizing apartments by 2010. The global financial crisis had an impact on the economic situation in Russia. In this regard, the growth of the primary real estate market has stopped, which also led to amendments to the law. Proceeding from all the above factors, an addition was made, telling about when the privatization of apartments in Russia ends.

The time of privatization of the apartment was extended

Changing the date

It is noteworthy that many MPs proposedmake this process unlimited. They argued their desire for the fact that every time the procedure for the transfer of property rights to housing is coming to an end, citizens are massively striving for a house management. Sluggishness of people, the unpreparedness of the authorities to a huge influx of willing and other factors have once again influenced the implementation of the process called "privatization of the apartment." The terms of the procedure extension were again transferred. In 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree in which the final date for the completion of operations to transfer ownership of municipal and public housing to citizens was March 2013.

The third term

From the late twentieth century to the beginningthe second decade of the twenty-first century in the country was privatized about 18 million apartments and houses. At the same time, the largest amount of housing was transferred to private property in 2009-2010. It was at that time that two and a half million objects changed owners. According to preliminary data at that time, more than three million people wanted to become participants in the procedure called "free privatization of the apartment." The timing of the extension of this process has already been postponed several times, therefore, hoping for another concession to the government, at the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century, the citizens of the country began to apply again, asking them to change the end date of the procedure. Having weighed all the pros and cons, the terms of privatization of the apartment were extended again. Now the date "X" was March 2015.

privatization of apartments in Russia

Agitating for a paid procedure

Today, the real estate market is full of rumors aboutThe fact that the current process of privatization is planned to be done is also unlimited. And the reason for unhealthy excitement is the following. Free privatization of apartments strongly affects the profits of developers. Of course, if there is an opportunity to become an owner of the apartment free of charge, no one will even consider buying housing.

Many representatives of the federal government negativelyrefer to perpetual free privatization, because it will seriously damage their plans to "pour" in the state budget funds from paid privatization. It was estimated that in one year it is possible to receive in addition more than 600 billion rubles.

Participants of the procedure

Nevertheless, in the country alreadyyear with great success is the free privatization of the apartment. Up to what time it is possible to use this right - we understand. Let's deal with those who can become a participant of the project in question. According to the federal law, only a citizen of the Russian Federation can become the owner of a municipal housing. In the process of privatization, all persons who have the right to use the apartment or house are allowed to participate. They also include minor citizens. Housing is transferred to the ownership of either one person or a group of persons who will dispose of the property as a common shared property.

In order to privatize an apartment,It is necessary to obtain the consent of all persons residing on the territory together. This also applies to under-age children between the ages of fourteen and eighteen.

privatization of the apartment to what date

An adult who wants to becomethe owner of an apartment or house, can exercise his right to a free procedure once. The implementation of a similar process abroad is not on the bill. A citizen who has not reached the age of eighteen has the opportunity to become a participant in a free procedure twice: up to the age of majority and after him.

We collect references

A rather long process is privatizationapartments. What documents are needed, where to go first - the answers to these and many other questions will be prompted by the employees of the "Single Window" service or by authorized representatives of the local judiciary. For those who wish to proceed immediately, the following information package should be collected:

  1. privatization of the apartment what documents are needed
    Technical passport of housing.
  2. Copy of the contract on social hiring.
  3. If there is no previous document, you can attach an order to the house or apartment.
  4. Special, filled in housing, form.
  5. Copies of identity cards of all participants in the process. (Here we mean passports, as well as birth certificates for underage citizens.)
  6. Application for privatization.

Depending on the area of ​​residence, some additional documents may be required.

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